Employees do the stupidest things

21 August 2007

The first thing I found most revealing about wikiscanner, the application that shows the edits that companies have made to Wikipedia (or to be completely accurate, where computers on their networks have been used to make such changes), is not the vanity or conflicts of interest or white-washing, but the immaturity of some of their employees.

I’m amazed that fully grown professionals think that:

  • adding swear words to an entry is in the slightest way humorous
  • someone isn’t going to come along and revert it pretty much straight away (or maybe that’s part of what makes it funny)
  • the most interesting thing to do at work is to make inane Wikipedia edits (what’s wrong with Facebook, for pete’s sake)
  • they’re somehow anonymous when they surf the web at work

Or maybe I’m just getting old and don’t understand this stuff any more…

Either way it’s no surprise that so many companies are now considering blocking access to some social media websites. We have only ourselves to blame.

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