Think Tanks

04 September 2007

Tonight I’m going to learn all about think tanks, those organisations that shape UK Government policy.

Despite the tube strikes, H&K are hosting an event to launch a piece of research "analysing the views of parliamentarians, civil servants, special advisers and the public affairs community".

Having little interest in politics or the machinations of how our countries get governed (or not), it’s somewhat out of my comfort zone, but if I experience any kind of epiphany I’ll be sure to blog it later.

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5 Responses to “Think Tanks”

  1. Stuart Bruce

    I’m waiting for the report Niall, this sounds really interesting to me.

  2. Simon Collister

    Any epiphany yet Niall? If not the report sounds good.

  3. Niall Cook

    No epiphany, but some interesting debate. I’ll post something next week (enjoying a long weekend break at the moment).

    Stuart – I’ll get someone to email you the report.

    Cheers, N

  4. Simon Collister

    Er…. any chance I could get a copy too?

  5. Niall Cook

    Sorry Simon – I’ll give our PA team your email address.

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