Live Blogging Digipalooza

05 October 2007

My boss* has been bemoaning the lack of posts emanating from this blog of late. In my defence, I am trying to juggle some pretty hefty professional and personal projects such as implementing a global enterprise feedback management system, getting a global wiki up and running, updating our Social Media Guidelines (watch this space), redeveloping our UK intranet, etc, etc. All this on top of moving house and writing (or trying to write) my book on social software in the enterprise. (You may have published first, Ferrabee, but at least I have a publisher :-P )

Now I finally have an excuse to blog again. And what’s more it’s business-related.

You see, Hill & Knowlton’s digital practice has been going for over 10 years (I’ve been part of it in various guises for all but one of those) and I’m not too modest to say we’ve pretty much seen it all: the dotcom rise and bust, Java, Flash, e-commerce and more recently of course, social media.

When we deliver lots of value to our clients (and therefore earn revenue for the company) we get to reward ourselves with a global shindig where we bring together all our digital experts from across the world in a glamorous location for a few days. So having delivered said value and revenue, our reward this year takes place next week in the form of Digipalooza, in… Scottsdale, Arizona (glamour city, I have been told persuaded).

And what’s more, I’m going to be live blogging it! Not only will we be posting updates on our global intranet for our colleagues, but I’ll be pumping out the non-confidential stuff here on Thursday and Friday next week. Hopefully it won’t all be boring Hill & Knowlton stuff either. We’ve got guest speakers from our parent company WPP, and authors and consultants Paul Gillin and David M Scott (I wonder if they will have any tips for my book?).

So stop by next week and say hi.

* Boss as in “wife”, not boss as in “line manager” by the way. I know where my priorities lie!

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3 Responses to “Live Blogging Digipalooza”

  1. David Meerman Scott

    Hey Niall

    Happy to give you some tips for the book. I’ll be at the venue early that morning, so please seek me out.

    Cheers, David

  2. Niall Cook

    Thanks David – I certainly will.

  3. Marketing Technology

    If you read my previous post , you’ll know that today is the start of Hill & Knowlton’s global internal

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