Today’s Big News*

01 February 2008

It’s been 16 months since I broke the news that I had been asked to write a book on social software in the enterprise (now widely known as Enterprise 2.0 thanks to people like Andrew McAfee and Dion Hinchcliffe).

At 22.49 last night I sent my final manuscript (all 50,000 words of it) to my publisher. Phew.

Now the waiting begins. Hopefully they won’t require too many changes and we’ll be able to get into the exciting part of producing and marketing it fairly soon. I’ve already started my bit. My personal domain will be used to support the title, and the nice people at Socialtext have given me a wiki that I intend to become an ongoing revised edition.

It’s packed full of goodies including:

  • Enterprise 2.0 case studies from the BBC, BUPA, IBM, Janssen-Cilag, Microsoft, Oracle, Serena Software, SpencerStuart and the US Defense Intelligence Agency
  • A practical framework for classifying social software and mapping it to the culture of any organisation
  • A round up of the various different models of success (and advice on how to avoid failure)
  • Tips on implementation and adoption
  • A bonus chapter on social software outside the enterprise

I’m sure you can’t wait ;-)

I’m hoping that it will be published sometime in July, so start saving. If you want to reserve a copy (no obligation), just leave a comment or email me at and I’ll give you a shout when it’s ready to order.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this point.

* Oh, and some big company is trying to buy some other big company for what appears to be a very large sum of money, but of course that’s not as important as me delivering my manuscript.

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