You May Prefer to Give us a Call… Part 2

28 March 2008

If you enjoyed my last post, you’ll love this one.

I’ve been trying to transfer my electricity supply to another supplier since I moved into my house last September. A catalogue of errors on the part of the incumbent supplier mean that it has only just happened – or so I thought (but that’s a different story involving an erroneous transfer – it is as painful as it sounds).

The situation is further complicated by the fact that I have two supplies at the same address – one for a self-contained annex next door. With the first transfer out of the way, I started the second. Online, of course, bound to be the quickest way right? Wrong!

Whilst trying to provide the supply number yesterday, I was informed by the new supplier (Scottish Power) that applications they receive online take around 7 days to enter their system. Yes, you heard right, 7 (seven) days. Apparently “they have to go through several departments”. And even then they are only flagged as “pending”.

However, if I call up and apply over the phone my account will be set up straight away!

So the moral of the story is that if you’re thinking of transferring your electricity supply to Scottish Power, you may prefer to give them a call. If, like me, you’ve already completed an online application within the last seven days, don’t worry. You can just apply over the phone instead and this will automatically cancel the “pending” online application when it eventually hits their systems!

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2 Responses to “You May Prefer to Give us a Call… Part 2”

  1. Leo Bottary

    Sorry to hear about your poor client service experience Niall.  Today, I posted a short client-service related radio spoof that should help ease the pain.  Have a good weekend!  

  2. Stephen Waddington

    Niall – I had exactly the same issue last year with npower – a house and barn with separate supplies that have been combine and renamed. It took 3 months to fix – and only then because a super call centre agent spent 90 minutes working through all the issues with me. I’m now an acknowledged expert on meter configurations and the NPAN numbering schema. Cheers, Stephen

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