Destination: Canada

01 October 2008

In the words of my hosts, I’ve “finally realized where the action is” and will be taking the Enterprise 2.0 roadshow to Canada next week.

In what promises to be a whirlwind tour I’ll be speaking to Hill & Knowlton clients and staff in Toronto on Tuesday 7th, followed by beers at Third Tuesday that same evening. On Wednesday I fly to Ottawa and do the same thing all over again, with Third Tuesday in Ottawa on a Wednesday (these Canucks are crazy guys, aren’t they).

It’s a while since I was last in Canada, but seeing that both the literature review and foreword authors for Enterprise 2.0 are both based there, it seems like a fitting place to begin the tour.

The rest of the year currently sees the roadshow moving on to Paris and Finland in November, and Sweden in December.

Promises to be a busy end to 2008.

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One Response to “Destination: Canada”

  1. Kare Anderson

    with the economic turmoil and that meeting topic it will be a fascinating time to be in those countries: Sweden for what that country did in their downturn + Finland because it has hit them so hard this time and paris because, well, everyone will have strong opinions about capitalistic U.S. …

    See you in 2009 here in S.F. at IABC?

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