Congrats to Ryan Peal

21 January 2009

When people sign up to be part of the Collective Conversation community, we ask them to go through a slightly tongue in cheek self-assessment form. One of the questions is:

Why do you want to blog?

  • Get promoted
  • Get noticed
  • Get fired
  • Get headhunted
  • All of the above
  • None of the above
  • I don’t know

Well – whether it was his intention of not – Ryan Peal in Hill & Knowlton’s Sydney office has certainly achieved the first two. His blog, Creativity in Public Relations , is one of the most active in our community and has helped him get noticed (he’s in the Top 100 Australian Marketing Pioneer Blogs).

And now, he’s just been promoted to become Creative Director for the whole of Hill & Knowlton’s Asia operations. As one of the biggest growth regions in the world, this is a great endorsement of his experience and insight.

I hope his blogging here played some part in his promotion.

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One Response to “Congrats to Ryan Peal”

  1. Ryan Peal

    Ah shucks – thanks Niall for the note. I do have to say becoming a blogger definitely played a role in my promotion to now helping an entire region “get creative.” And equally playing a role was the inspiration I found from all of the H&K collective conversation bloggers too. More to come.

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