Update: George Lucas Development Woes

posted by Patrick Slevin

Lucas conceded defeat to his neighbors on his Skywalker Ranch studio development, but the last laugh may be had by the Stars Wars creator.  Lucas has now proposed to develop affordable housing on the property located in a very upscale neighborhood.  

This article says it all:
George Lucas’s Development Woes: When NIMBY go BANANAs

Brooklyn is a Bust for Hooters

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Restaurant chain Hooters wants to establish itself in Brooklyn, but is feeling the sting of NIMBY. Neighbors are hot under the collar and it’s not from Hooters famous hot wings.

Check out the story here and see if you can pick up on some of the common tenants that lead to community opposition.

America Loves Progress, But Americans Hate Change.

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For every news article, blog and social media post that contain the word ‘NIMBY,’ there are countless other reports on opposition to development.  Despite an economic downturn, NIMBY opposition has grown in frequency and effectiveness. 

Here are a few recent samples reflecting the intensity and diversity of stories that use the word NIMBY.  Check it out to get a better understanding of a growing movement that continues to sweep through the nation with devastating economic consequences. 

Keystone and the Troubling Growth of NIMBYism

Consequences of Towns Fighting Over Natural Gas

Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound copyrights a new name

HSR Construction May Be Delayed to 2013 By NIMBY Activity

Guest Column: White Castle a Good Fit?

America: Home of the Free, Land of the NIMBY

Stafford area faces significant concern

Neighbors Take a Stand in Woolen Mills Tree Debate

Comment: Nimby threat to retail development


posted by Patrick Slevin

Star Wars creator George Lucas experiences a great disturbance in the Force when neighbors oppose his proposed digital arts complex.  In this NIMBY battle, the Force was with a local band of residents and their NIMBY alliance.  Here is the story: George Lucas loses NIMBY clash over giant digital arts complex  

 Even a celebrity and a development creating over a 100 jobs was not enough to win community approval.

The NIMBY Playbook: Same Tactics, Same Outcomes

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Boston Globe column, The NIMBY Playbook, reports on NIMBY proponents successfully employing tactics to delay a $70 million affordable housing project.  The project has been stalled for years.  This is another case where a early political screenings and stakeholder outreach would have saved tons of money and priceless political capital.

Mosiac Mine Expansion Faces NIMBY Attitudes

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Low voter turnout, electoral apathy and election cycles are just part of the calculus that breaks down the political influence exerted by vocal minorities campaigning under the NIMBY flag.  It provides a context on how global companies such as mining giant Mosiac can be derailed by 20 activists in SW Florida earlier this week. 

Here is the story: Mosiac Mine Expansion Faces NIMBY Attitudes

NIMBY Never Changes

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The world has changed a lot since the 1980’s, but the NIMBY syndrome has proven to be ageless. The David v. Goliath genre is as popular now as it was back then.  The NY Times has archived a vast number of stories on NIMBY fights going back nearly 30 years ago.  Here is the link: NY Times Archived NIMBY Stories.

This recycling of political risk, community opposition and lost economic opportunity requires new strategies in stakeholder engagement.  This is the key to breaking down status quo sentiments at the federal, state, and local levels.

Down Under NIMBYs Protest Toddlers Gone Wild

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I’ve watched locals shout NIMBY at Hospice, I’ve witnessed locals NIMBY hospitals,  and now I’ve seen it all with locals in an Australian town NIMBY children playing  in a public playground.  Is this truly toddlers gone wild?  CORPORATE DEVELOPERS BE WARNED!!  If mums and toddlers enjoying a park can be protested, then what does that mean for sustainable real estate development projects? 

Green space and parks have always been welcomed over sprawl and poorly planned development around the world. Now even green space/parks are fair game.  What does this say about real estate development and siting projects that are sustainable?  It says, you better have your social sustainability, civic engagement programs in place and ready. If toddlers and their mums can be attacked by homeowners, then any project can be at risk for community rejection.

Here is the story:  NIMBYs Protest Against Playground Because of Loud Children.  The story behind the story is the need for public relations in winning community support for real estate projects.  In the context of NIMBY, relations with public stakeholders is vital regardless of where you choose to develop in the world.

Et-NIMBY Tu, Trump?

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Even real estate developer icon and celebrity Donald Trump can find himself saying NIMBY (not-in-my-back-yard).  In Scotland, the Don, who fought locals who opposed his golf course, has found himself opposing plans for 11 turbine-windmills off the coast of Scotland and his golf course.

Not too long ago, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Walter Cronkrite, both pro-alternative energy advocates, opposed similar windmill proposal off the coast of Martha’ Vineyard.  As in the case with Trump, Kennedy and Cronkite didn’t want the windmills to disrupted their view and boating. 

The irony shows that anyone can be a NIMBY advocate under the right conditions, which is why under this new economy it requires a new way of winning social and political equity for sustainable projects.  Here is the story of the day:  Trump is Met by Strong Opposition.

What’s the Difference Between NIMBY and Community Activist?

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Today St. Petersburg Times columnist, Dan DeWitt, published a piece, When a NIMBY Become Community Activist, that explains the difference between NIMBY and community activists.  DeWitt admits he doesn’t like the word NIMBY, but in his column, DeWitt criticizes residents who oppose a proposed methadone treatment clinic (he supports the clinic) by calling them NIMBYs.    Later in his piece, DeWitt endorses residents who are opposing a proposed septic treatment plant and applauds them as community activists.  

DeWitt’s column demonstrates how community opposition is in the eye of the beholder and a matter of perspective – certainly by stakeholders such as the press.  Here is an excerpt of the story and the link to the entire column: 

When a \”NIMBY\” Become a Community Activist

By Dan DeWitt, Times Columnist

I stood on a catwalk a few feet above 23,000 gallons of churning raw sewage Wednesday morning and, honestly, didn’t think it smelled all that bad.Even so, I’m not thrilled by the idea of Johns by John II opening a similar lime stabilization facility next to the St. Petersburg Times office on State Road 50.

And in some people’s eyes, I guess that makes me a nimby.

I don’t like nimbys, which as I’m sure you know is derived from the phrase “not in my back yard.”

I don’t even like the word “nimby,” and wouldn’t use it except that it perfectly describes the extreme provincialism of people who won’t lift a finger to fight global starvation but become petition-circulating maniacs when it comes to frontage roads. Or septic service companies. Or drug treatment clinics.

On Tuesday, a large group of nimbys got Hernando County commissioners to do what is sometimes called political calculus, but is really just arithmetic. Commissioners would have had to subtract a lot of votes in the next election had they supported Operation PAR’s drug treatment clinic on Kass Circle. Predictably, none of them did.

Too bad. The legal test for this vote was whether the planned clinic “adversely affects the public interest.”