Police and NIMBY Protestors Clash. Nine Hurt Over Oppositon Against S. Korean Steel Project in India

posted by Patrick Slevin

NIMBYism can get bloody as evidenced by this report in the state of Orissa, India.  Hundreds of local citizens protested a proposed S. Korean steel mill and riot police baton charged and fired rubber bullets to disperse citizens.  Orissa has a large concentration of opposition to multi-national corporations and projects.  Nine Hurt as Anti-Posco Protesters Police Clash.

The common denominator that causes the vast majority of NIMBY conflicts around the world is the lack of communication between corporations and citizens.  Whether its indigenous peoples protecting sacred sites or homeowners protecting the character of their communities, corporate executives can secure social sustainability under the guidance of public relations. 

Public relations’ primary goal is building and maintaining relationships with corporate stakeholders.  This includes the “community-at-large”  that grants a corporation the social license to operate.

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