Boston Globe: NIMBY Objection Full of Manure

posted by Patrick Slevin

The Boston Globe editorial, NIMBYism: Objection Full of Manure peers into the highly-publicized, but vaguely understood world of NIMBY.  The Globe editorial shows that NIMBY isn’t always about virtuous homeowners defending against unwanted sprawl, or in this case protecting the wetlands.  In many cases, as reported in the Globe, public objections often mask a deeper bias or self-serving agenda. 

The lesson behind this editorial, if you don’t conduct social due diligence (public affairs-risk management), then you’re arbitrarily reacting against  public gamesmanship that only intensifies the controversy,  leading to political rejection of your real estate investments, as well as giving your corporate reputation a black eye.

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe have all recently reported on the NIMBY syndrome and its impact on various real estate interests across the nation.  A coincidence or something more?  If you’re not sure about the answer, then you are rolling the dice on your real estate investments, risking millions of dollars, and empowering vocal minorities that are adept at exploiting such corporate abdication. 

See for yourself.  Here is the link:  NIMBYism: Objection Full of Manure

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