New York Times: Wal-Mart Opens Major Campaign to Take New York City

posted by Patrick Slevin

Wal-Mart has experienced significant NIMBY opposition to retailer’s intent on entering NYC.  In response, the big box retailer has launched an extensive PR/Advertising campaign to include a NYC specific website  The “PR blitz” will encompass direct mail, advertisements, and website.  The question is will a traditional campaign be enough to secure social equity and political capital?

The developing Wal-Mart story exposes the nasty truth that many want to keep on denying – NIMBYism is more intensive, frequent, and prevalent.  The Great Recession has done little, if anything, to diminish the impact of NIMBY push back that’s costing the real estate industry billions and the American economy jobs. 

It’s true there are less developments than before the market crash, but that means those companies that somehow survived the recession have greater risks of being opposed by vocal special interests.  The Wal-Mart situation will offer a good case study for the industry. Stay tuned.

A recent New York Times report outlines the story in this article: Wal-Mart Opens Majori Campaign to Take NYC.

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