US Chamber of Commerce Attributes NIMBY Activism as Part of Trillion Dollars Lost in Energy Sector

posted by Patrick Slevin

The Chamber rolled out its new study, Project Denied: The Potential Economic Impact of Permitting Challenges Facing Proposed Energy Projects, in a press briefing at Chamber headquarters last week. The study highlights stalled energy projects and finds they are costing the U.S. economy more than a trillion dollars and almost two million jobs.  Project No Project assesses the broad range of energy projects that are being stalled, stopped, or outright killed nationwide due to “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) activism, a broken permitting process and a system that allows limitless challenges by opponents of development. 

Hundreds of billions of dollars in lost economic opportunity in just ONE SECTOR!  You factor in big boxes, affordable housing, hotels, casinos, mining, mixed uses, master planned communities, health care etc etc, you will find hundreds of billions of dollars MORE in lost investment capital, revenues, market share, and shareholder values .  We have transitioned from a NIMBY Nation to a BANANA Republic years ago, but the cycle continues.  For more info on NIMBY stopping energy projects in your state go to

NIMBYism is preventable in the majority of cases (read my prior blogs for the secrets), which means untold billions of dollars can be plugged back into our recovery.  Email me your questions or comments at

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