BOMA International Posts My NIMBY Presentation Given in Sonoma, CA Last Year

posted by Patrick Slevin

Last year, I was a featured speaker at BOMA Internationals National Advisory Council where I gave a presentation titled, Exorcise the NIMBY Within: Turning Status Quo Into Profits.  I encourage you to review it.  It pulls this local conflict up to a national scale of economic impact.

If you belong to a trade association or having a corporate retreat  and you would like to see my presentation, you can email me at

Last, there are many folks who claim to be an expert in the field of NIMBY opposition, local politics, PR and the behavior/impact of vocal minorities, but many simply default to direct mail, town hall meetings, paid media, and haphazard grassroots outreach.  After reviewing the presentation, you should be in a better position to determine who can help you and your team win community and political support for your RE project.

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