NIMBY America Cues FL Cities Toward Civility Discourse Codes

posted by Patrick Slevin

This Palm Beach Post article titled, Are Not!! Am too!!: Cities Aim for Civility Discourse, reports that Florida League of Cities is pushing a civility code for cities to adopt.  Such a code is thought to mitigate out of hand meetings or what i call, Jerry Springer Episodes at city hall. 

It’ s not civil discourse that’s the problem or the threat to real estate development, but rather, inexperienced, part-time elected officials, who are easily intimindated by vocal activists who have become very adept at viral marketing, social media, grassroots warfare and political gamesmanship. 

When it comes to high-profile, high-stakes, and high-cost real estate development, corporate representatives/consultants place too much responsibility on these part-time elected officials who are very susceptible to these tactics, especially during an election year.  That is why it’s very important to pro-actively cultivate and secure social and political equity for a project before the NIMBY genie leaves the bottle.

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