Et-NIMBY Tu, Trump?

posted by Patrick Slevin

Even real estate developer icon and celebrity Donald Trump can find himself saying NIMBY (not-in-my-back-yard).  In Scotland, the Don, who fought locals who opposed his golf course, has found himself opposing plans for 11 turbine-windmills off the coast of Scotland and his golf course.

Not too long ago, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Walter Cronkrite, both pro-alternative energy advocates, opposed similar windmill proposal off the coast of Martha’ Vineyard.  As in the case with Trump, Kennedy and Cronkite didn’t want the windmills to disrupted their view and boating. 

The irony shows that anyone can be a NIMBY advocate under the right conditions, which is why under this new economy it requires a new way of winning social and political equity for sustainable projects.  Here is the story of the day:  Trump is Met by Strong Opposition.

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