Down Under NIMBYs Protest Toddlers Gone Wild

posted by Patrick Slevin

I’ve watched locals shout NIMBY at Hospice, I’ve witnessed locals NIMBY hospitals,  and now I’ve seen it all with locals in an Australian town NIMBY children playing  in a public playground.  Is this truly toddlers gone wild?  CORPORATE DEVELOPERS BE WARNED!!  If mums and toddlers enjoying a park can be protested, then what does that mean for sustainable real estate development projects? 

Green space and parks have always been welcomed over sprawl and poorly planned development around the world. Now even green space/parks are fair game.  What does this say about real estate development and siting projects that are sustainable?  It says, you better have your social sustainability, civic engagement programs in place and ready. If toddlers and their mums can be attacked by homeowners, then any project can be at risk for community rejection.

Here is the story:  NIMBYs Protest Against Playground Because of Loud Children.  The story behind the story is the need for public relations in winning community support for real estate projects.  In the context of NIMBY, relations with public stakeholders is vital regardless of where you choose to develop in the world.

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