BOMA National Advisory Council Conference Underway in Sonoma, CA

The weather is beautiful in Sonoma wine country at the Fairmont.  My speech/presentation begins at 1:30 west coast time.  At the breakfast table this morning many BOMA members asked about the NIMBY presentation and a 20 minute conversation ensued.  It was an enjoyable discussion shared with real estate thoughts leaders representing national/international companies from Washington, DC, Houston, Atlanta, and LA.  Everyone agreed that NIMBYism is a financial threat to the industry and to those corporate developers trying to grow out of this recession.  Words of “change”, “transition”, “new business models”, “reducing risk” and “increasing certainty” echoed throughout the conversation and morning presentations. 

I’m very encouraged on how the morning meetings sets the table for the Exorcise the NIMBY Within.  It will be interesting to see what BOMA members think about the presentation later today when the entire group goes out to dinner this evening.

I appreciate your interest in this topic. Let me share my presentation’s opening statement  which complements the tone and focus of the conference so far…”America Loves Progress, But Americans Hate Change…the NIMBY phenomanon costs corporations/industry billions of dollars every year in lost investment capital, revenue, shareholder values and market share…NIMBYism doesn’t happen 100 percent of the time, but when it does, it has 100 percent impact on the bottom line. 

Be sure to come back to my blog next week for a post speech review.  I will see if a member or two of the BOMA audience would be willing to provide feedback via a Q&A, sharing their thoughts on the speech for this blog. 

Have a great weekend, everyone.