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Bulk Groceries Notwithstanding, Seattle Hung Out to Dry

posted by Andrew Cuneo

By Susan Champlain, Vice President, H&K Seattle

Seattle prides itself on its environmental stewardship.  In a city surrounded on the west by Puget Sound and the rugged Olympic Mountains and on the east by Lake Washington, Mt. Rainier and the Cascades, reminders of nature’s treasured resources are everywhere.  Recently named America’s second least wasteful city” by Nalgene, Seattle is at the center of the green movement. Cycling, recycling and reusable water bottles are a badge of honor here, along with brown lawns in the summertime.

But second place?  To many here, losing to San Francisco is embarrassing and incentive to do better.  Seattle ranked first place in throwing out fewer than two bags of trash each week, thanks to the city’s aggressive composting efforts.  We ranked first in buying bulk food to avoid extra packaging.  And, despite the failure of the city’s bag tax initiative in 2008, we ranked first in using reusable grocery bags.

So where did the city fall short?  Seattle’s lowest ranking was 15th for hanging clothes out to dry.  We do live in the rainiest corner of the country.  Maybe we should get a pass on that one.

With light rail now up and running, a new state sales tax on bottled water and efforts by our thousands of coffee shops to offer reusable or recyclable cups, San Francisco better look out.  Damp fleece may become a fashion statement.