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Sustainability Being Given the ‘Old College Try’

posted by Andrew Cuneo

By Andy Cuneo, Senior Account Executive, Washington D.C.

As a former student at Boston’s Northeastern University, our institution’s former president, a man I respect and admire, would work tirelessly to build Northeastern’s reputation on the U.S. News & World Report college rankings. He succeeded in moving NU from high 150’s into the top 100.

A new ranking, reported on by the Washington Post, takes into account a new standard ranking produced by Washington Monthly that looks at three distinct categories when rating institutions: Social Mobility (recruiting and graduating of low-income students), Research (production of cutting edge scholarships and PhD’s) and Service (encouraging students to give something back to their community).

You’ll see in the report that public colleges fair amazing well – far better than private institutions. But what I really like about this rating system is that it’s not just an alternative way to view success and opportunity in higher education institutions, but rather what prospective students are now looking for in their college experience. In July, USA Today’s Trevor Hughes illustrates that point here.

In addition, more institutions are making the most of their opportunity to become more sustainable. We’ve written on this blog work being done by our local universities here in DC. 

There is a growing enthusiasm from our next generation. I remember stepping onto campus for the first time more than 11 years ago, ambitious in thinking I could change the world. And these people are doing it!