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University of California Making a Difference Too!

posted by Andrew Cuneo

By Andy Cuneo, Senior Account Executive, Washington, D.C.

The University of California is making moves to be more sustainable as well, just as Catholic University in Washington, D.C. did last week.

Drawn up from the encouragement of the student body, more than 10,000 strong wrote in, the University of California is offering greener food choices and building a greener campus.  According to a report on, more than 10,000 students sent postcards in demanding the school offer more sustainable and green food choices. Because of this, California is now offering 20 percent of its food as “green food” throughout its 15 campuses. They are also building greener at the university as well, noting the constant effort to build more sustainably as well as keeping the campuses clean.

I’m greatly encouraged at the recent movements of both California and Catholic University and I’m equally as excited by the enthusiasm and environmental awareness today’s college students have. With this passion for sustainability in both past and current students, I’m truly optimistic we’re going to see more students take a stand and move their institutions to a greener future.