5 sports predictions for 2011

There’s a large industry devoted to predicting sports results and I don’t intend to compete with it so instead here are 5 predictions for the international sports scene in 2011:

1) The election campaign for the FIFA Presidency attracts unprecedented media and political attention as the pro- and anti-Sepp Blatter camps compete for support ahead of the vote on 1 June

2) Sports event organisers start to offer WiFi access with tickets for spectators so that they can watch instant replays and keep up to date with scores on their mobile devices

3) Video games industry representatives campaign to gain recognition for video games as a sporting discipline now that devices such as the Xbox Kinect make more physically demanding games popular. Leading gamers do battle with sports stars in televised competitions

4) A major European football club goes out of business when their debts are proven to be much larger than previously realised, leading to withdrawal from their league mid-season. A legal battle ensues because it is not clear how the unplayed matches will be accounted for in the league table

5)  A virtually unknown athlete emerges to win a famous victory in one of the world’s great sporting events, causing even the most cynical of sports fans to cheer in appreciation and wonder as a new star is born

Personally, I won’t be putting money on any of these happening but I’m more confident about the last one than the rest.

Happy New Sporting Year.

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