"Dynamite Surfing" Viral Video from Quiksilver (is it real? does it matter?)

24 April 2007

I love brands like quiksilver who know their audience so well that they constantly find new ways to entertain and engage them and bring their brand to life.   When the planets, stars and moons align, magic happens – like this video here:


The debate is loud all over the Net with regard to how real this is, how could they get permission, how many fish were killed by the explosion, what camera phone can do all that, etc.  This is again part of the beauty of viral marketing – you want to drive debate, you want people to talk about your brand, you want people to send this around to their friends and talk about it.  With Quiksilver you may be thinking it is a bit easy for them – they have permission to do some crazy things given their product offering and brand personality.  But they have to work extra hard, I think, to be ahead of the curve and to continue to be creative in their approach with everything. 

Every company, once they have their brand personality defined, should strive to engage their desired audiences in ways that are entertaining and engaging.  You don’t have to blow up things to do it – but I believe companies should be constantly thinking of brand personality efforts (like this one) to conduct simultaneous to traditional marketing efforts.  Building a brand personality that audiences can bond and have fun with help create an overarching story for companies that keep consumers around for the long haul.

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3 Responses to “"Dynamite Surfing" Viral Video from Quiksilver (is it real? does it matter?)”

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  3. Paul

    The full details of how the video was made are here, from a reliable source


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