Who Else is Wondering About the Britney Spears Brand?

01 May 2007

I was just doing some serious reading and came across another photo of Britney in a wig – a constant reminder of the way her world turned upside a few weeks ago.  That got me thinking about all of the products related to the Britney Spears brand – perfumes, body lotions, body sprays and body soufflés (whatever that is).  I believe I read somewhere that one of her perfumes (Curious or Fantasy) was one of the best selling of all time.  She has a line of dolls and a videogame too.  And word is an album is coming out next.

So with all that, how much impact have her actions had on the short- and long-term of Britney Spears Inc. – will people still buy products connected to Britney?  Some people may say they have just enjoyed the ride watching on the sidelines and don’t think twice about it.  Other may say her antics just proved she is just “one of us” and will cheer her on as she rebuilds her life.  Can the “any news is good news” phrase hold true in this case?  If you liked her before you still do; if you didn’t you still don’t?

I have to think endorsement deals are off the table.  Now that I think about it, a national wig company (if that exists) could leverage the opportunity pretty well.  Other than that, I don’t see any big brand jumping on the Britney bandwagon anytime soon.  And I have to wonder how many parents of newborns would be running out to buy the rumored new baby clothes line Britney announced in December. 

For now the case study for the Britney Spears brand is writing its own chapter.  She has a lot in her playbook, including what you know will be a “comeback” album that will at least drive added interest.  And I’m sure the good people at Elizabeth Arden are developing some smart plans for the perfume line.  All of this activity highlights the potential impact of having products so closely tied to a celebrity – you just never know how “toxic” their actions could be to your bottom line. 

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3 Responses to “Who Else is Wondering About the Britney Spears Brand?”

  1. Paul

    Britney’s in big trouble…although I read that she’s gearing up to perform four concerts at various House of Blues venues in California over the next few weeks…am I the only one who thought she pulled off the G.I. Jane look pretty well?

  2. Bryn

    While Britney’s recent antics may have caused damage to her brand, everybody loves a comeback story and she may be poised well for this if she turns her behavior around.  Look at how quickly Kate Moss rebounded, and surpassed, her original position and some would say that she hasn’t really turned her behavior around.  If Britney actually does turn her behavior around she could rebound nicely though I’m not holding my breath.

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