In-The-News: The New Microsoft Surface Computer – Hot

08 June 2007

If you haven’t already head about it – stop what you are doing and check out this video on CNET with a very cool demo of Microsoft’s New “Surface Computer” that was unveiled yesterday. Ever since Tom Cruise used one in Minority Report I have been waiting for someone to make it real. It’s a uber-touch screen experience, with amazing possibilities including some very cool applications with sharing photos and videos and simple drawing too. The video shows some really cool possibilities in a restaurant setting, and I have to think these have to be fast-laned for the casinos too.

Now imagine one of these at retail, providing a variety of new ways consumers can learn about a product they are considering. And what if you are buying a new mobile phone, imagine just placing your new phone on one of these computers and automatically load it up with new songs and videos before you even leave the store. You could easily see meeting a hotel attendant around one of the new surface computers, selecting your room and simply placing your credit card on the surface and paying direct.

I love when new technology shows-up and then your brain can’t help but think of a million new ways to change everything that has happened before.

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