Hot Girls Playing Soccer in Bra and Panties . . . And Selling A Samsung TV

10 June 2008

My friend Duncan in the UK sent me this one (thank you Duncan), providing the latest example of a company using sex to sell.  This one does a great job at getting the sex part right – the girls are hot, playing soccer and juggling causes some natural jiggles and there is some nice humor throughout. The disappointment is in the website linked to the campaign, its a bit of a flashback to websites of a few years back – brochure like, watch the video (again), win a new TV by playing a game, etc.  I was expecting more fun like a send in a video of your girlfriend playing soccer or watch the outtakes from the commercial shoot.  And not to mention some more about the TV which just sort of sits there the whole time.   

I think this campaign gets it partly right, but for me doesn’t score the knockout blow with the website or the product integration.


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7 Responses to “Hot Girls Playing Soccer in Bra and Panties . . . And Selling A Samsung TV”

  1. Zac Martin

    It’s not bad. Seems like a bit of a hijack on the old Nike spots just with women instead. I agree though, the website is a real let down.

    Here’s a recent commercial that has used hot women and soccer a little better and with a nice twist and tie in;

  2. MountainRunner

    Other commitments and travel have imposed themselves on my blogging ritual.  Look for a slew of posts today followed by quiet as I travel to D.C. for two days.  In the meantime, from the blog of a notable public…

  3. Kyle

    hijack or not, its worth watching a lot more than the ridiculous ads i have pushed to my TV over and over again during a 1 hr show i end up watching live because i haven’t dvr’d it…

    I like it…

  4. jake


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