Volunteering Via Mobile: Dialing Up New Ways To Help

07 October 2008

I’m extremely excited about today’s post as its a sign of good things to come.  Frequent readers of my blog know I love campaigns that are helping to change the world (like time2rock and Nicole Ritchie’s text donation campaign).  This week I was told about a new mobile effort for Do Something – the cool organisation that helps teens change the world by offering assistance, support, cash, whatever. 

The campaign recently launched Do Something Now – which simply encourages people to provide their mobile phone number and receive two text messages a month with ways they can volunteer.  Its like instant kharma via your mobile phone.  The volunteer opportunities are targeted by postal code (zip code) and so people receive text messages for efforts near them.  Often you hear pepole say they’d help but they don’t know how to get started or where to go.  This idea makes it so simple to help – sign-up, get a text, go help.

The campaign’s drive to encourage people to sign-up and create mini-ambassadors to help started recently with the Do Something Now Challenge.  The Challenge is designed to get people to get their friends to sign-up for the mobile volunteer text campaign.  Through the Challenge you can actually create your own challenge group (like friends of ryan) and get your friends to text in “friends of ryan” to the campaign code and then you are signed up – and the more people who sign-up using that reference code the more prizes the organiser can win – including a trip to NYC as a super grand prize. 

The company behind the initiative is called Mobile Commons – who are focused on creating new ways for people to help change the world via their mobile.  This is definitely a “watch this space” effort, and hope more and more companies leverage new technology to make it easy for all of us to do our part.

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