Diesel Rocks World With 17-City Concert & Nearly Naked Viral Video Sensation

10 October 2008

Diesel, the Italian global denim brand, is celebrating the company’s big 30th birthday with a 17-city, 24-hour worldwide concert this weekend – live in each city and streaming live on a campaign microsite, featuring the likes of N.E.R.D., Chaka Khan, M.I.A., Soulwax and many more.  The “Diesel XXX” fun kicks off on Saturday 11 October in Tokyo, working its way to Beijing, Dubai, Athens and other European cities before winding up in San Paolo and New York City (at an undisclosed location).  Each party is a mini music festival in its own right – going live at various times in each city and them streaming live for a global audience for a few hours at each stop. Many of you live in one of the host cities and are part of the cool, underground, fashion scene so you will love the local artists that are part of the line-up. Diesel has done a brilliant job of finding the right performers to match their brand and the cutting-edge approach of the overall birthday celebration.   

So, now on to what is becoming a global viral video sensation – the video invitation for the whole event.  Remember, the name of the party is “Diesel XXX” – so it not only stands for 30 (in Roman Numerals) but also “TripleX” which in some worlds is all about porn.  Setting the tone for the overall event and drumming up excitement and buzz in the process, the guys and gals at Diesel jumped on a recent trend called SFW Porn – Safe For Work – which paints over any naughty bits and pieces with fruit and bottles and pizza and pianos and other funny objects you’d find laying around the house.  Diesel created a hilarious (but as close to a PG-rated XXX video as you can get) video that is being passed around – letting people know about the party and more about Diesel as a brand in the process.  Again, some may not find this humorous so if you have doubts don’t watch the video on YouTube, just go on about your day. 

For me this is an exciting example of another brand that understands its place in the world and who it wants to hang out.  The multi-city event connects music-loving/fashion-forward people who love Diesel from around the world together in one big mega day of music madness.  Diesel reinforces its entertainment role with its desired audience and has a lot of fun in the process.  Of course the event’s facebook page and connection with MTV will further encircle the desired audience as well – playing where they play and doing it in the right way.  And with regard to the video, yes, its over the top, but so is Diesel, and so are the fans of the brand, so like it or not, it works. 

Jeans off to Diesel – I’ll be watching the big show online (unfortunately Sydney didn’t make the city line-up) and hope millions more tune in as well.  The more successful events like this are the less bad advertising we’ll have to watch as brands find new ways to maximise marketing budgets by going online and straight to the people.

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