Spike Lee and Nokia Premiere New Consumer Generated Film

16 October 2008

Although they have been my career arch enemy (as I’ve worked with both Motorola and Sony Ericsson) I do have to admit that Nokia does some cool things.  Being the industry leader they obviously have some extra cash laying around that can be spent on campaigns that drive up their innovation reputation.  Case in point – the recent launch of “Nokia Productions” designed to help everyone with a mobile phone (with a camera or videocamera function) realize they can be filmmakers, artists, producers, contributors.  The first project out of the gate for Nokia Productions was masterful – creating the world’s first social film production, created by piecing together thousands of submitted photos and short videos captured on mobile phones by the legendary Spike Lee.  

According to the company news release more than 4,000 bits of content was uploaded to the site and more than 350,000 people came to the site between April and September – not too shabby.  Over the six month period Nokia selected the top 25 submissions for each chapter in the film (birth, life, death; a new theme came out every two months for people to use as inspiration for their submissions), and the consumer votes picked the top 10 and Spike piced the final winning submission from each act to be integrated into the film (those three winners also received a trip to LA for the premiere too).

Tonight the final product is unveiled in Los Angeles with of course Spike Lee in attendance and thousands of fans who won tickets via Nokia and T-Mobile (mobile operator).  Avril Lavigne has also been dropped into the mix for some musical flavor.  If you weren’t in LA check out the film on the campaign site

For Nokia the campaign ticks all the boxes – reinforces the company’s position as an innovator, makes it relatively easy for anyone to participate (send in photos/video), provides star power and instant credibility for the campaign with Spike Lee, inspires thousands to create content in the future and of course an easy and natural connection to Nokia products.  Solid on all fronts.

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