High School Kids Develop Program For Scion For Big Bucks

13 January 2009

I recently heard from a friend (and later read over at my friends at MediaPost) that Scion recently launched a high school program where studetns from 8 cities are challenged with developing a marketing program for a new Scion and have the chance to win $5,000 of school suplies.  I’m a huge fan of campaigns that engage the desired audience to help in developing programs that they believe their peers will enjoy and interact with.  Scion has been a strong user of word-of-mouth and buzz campaigns grounded in authentic youth culture and substance, and this is yet another proof point that the company “gets it.”  The campaign is following a “bracket style” competition with players put against others and making it further into the rounds.  It looks like the company intentionally selected smaller cities, probably to showcase the power of local marketing programs (versus big national spends that are really expensive).

This is an easy campaign to replicate for many industries.  Trying to market a new mobile phone to teen girls, get teen girls to help you develop a program.  What about a new shoe, how about hitting up high school basketball teams in exchange for new uniforms and gear.  I believe consumers have come to obviously know that brands are trying to sell them stuff, that’s part of life.  So if the campaigns are going to be in their face, why not make sure they are entertained by them or engaged or excited by them – it’s the least we can do.  Keep this tactic in mind for your next campaign – engage others to ensure you hit the next one out of the park.

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