Get Paid $150K To Live, Swim, Dive on Great Barrier Reef For 6 Months (this is not a joke – sign me up)

16 January 2009

Another idea that seems to be a big “no brainer” when you hear about it, so a big gold star to Tourism Queensland who announced this week the search for someone to live on the Great Barrier Reef for six months and get paid to do it.  Hello!  The tourism group is offering a salary package of $150,000 for six months of rent-free living.  The job does have some tough requirements. . . “know how to swim, snorkel, walk on beaches, make friends and enjoy the tropical Queensland climate and lifestyle.”  The person will of course keep an active blog and photo diary – each day bringing stories of their fantasy life on the Reef – and again, getting paid to do it! They’ll be living in a three bedroom home on Hamilton Island with a pool and golf buggy.

This of course scores major points on the creativity scale.  Let’s dissect the campaign a bit:

  • Simple.  Yes!  Submit application, be selected, enjoy life, blog and take photos
  • WOW factor.  Yes!  Get paid to life on the one of the world’s most amazing places
  • Buzz.  Yes!  I’ve already told tons of friends about it (because I want someone I know to win so I can come and hang out too)
  • Media worthy.  Yes!  I’ve already seen hundreds of news items about it, lots in countries who are battling a bad economy full of people looking for somewhere safe to hang out durnig the storm
  • Long-term interest.  Maybe.  The person will need to be a bit of a character to get people to “tune in” to see what he/she is doing all the time. Although just doing a search for a vacation and finds the blog will see tons of mini stories/adventures which will no doubt impact their decision

Unfortunately for this post the campaign website to submit applications is down today.  I spoke with Queensland Tourism and they have had more than 3,000 applications in only 3 days, so naturally they are adding more servers to keep up with the demand.  The application process (which includes a 60 second video of why you want the job) is open until February 22 so lots of days between now in then for me to apply, I mean for you to apply of course. :-)   Eleven finalists will be flown to Hamilton Island in May and one lucky winner will move in on July 1.

Lets watch to see how many other destinations around the world replicate this idea – more new job choices for us, i mean just you, i love H&K.

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