College Kids Capturing World For New FLIP Campaign

26 January 2009

A “no duh” one today. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t say that because sometimes the “no duh” ideas getting pushed to the side because they seem too obvious. In any case, today we are looking at a campaign to launch the arrival of the new “FLIP” video cameras. These little devices are very cool – they are small little videocameras that let you capture up to 60 minutes of HD footage, and the easy-to-use USB built-in transfer element makes it easy to transfer the footage to your PC for editing and posting fun.

To launch the new FLIP the makers of the device – Pure Digital – teamed up with MTV who gave 100 college students from around the country the FLIP and asked them to simply film their worlds. Each week the students were given a different theme of inspiration (like worst date, last dream I remember and 1:02 Thursday), uploading their version of the theme and MTV mashed together some of the best footage submitted into a cool, fast-paced video powered by music from a variety of emerging artists. The campaign website has amazing videos from the students that really provide a great mini focus group of what’s happening with Gen Y on today’s college campuses.

The program works on multiple fronts:

  • Seeding. An obvious one, 100 people around the country isn’t a lot of people, but it’s a start and can easily begin a variety of conversation ripples and solid word-of-mouth.
  • Buzz. Connected to the above, getting people talking about the videos they were in or saw and how it was captured makes this another obvious one.
  • Authenticity. Solid as well, you are getting your target audience to use the product however they want to do it, no rules no drama.
  • Music. A definite need for any youth-related campaign, the addition of emerging artists for background music was a brilliant way to get more people naturally involved in the campaign
  • Free. The site is giving away one FLIP everyday on the website, another given for any youth related campaign

So what’s missing? Hmm. Maybe the company could have leveraged their partnership spend with MTV to get a special show broadcasted for added awareness? Could have been nice to have some way that people could nominate their own themes for the 100 students to select and go on a new adventure. I can’t tell but I’m hoping the 100 students had some way to talk about their involvement via Facebook or MySpace – to naturally tell their own circle of friends what was happening with the FLIP.

All in all, a solid campaign that seems to tick of lots of boxes. And I’m totally sold, after checking out more about the product I totally want one. (Anyone from Pure Digital reading?) : – )

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2 Responses to “College Kids Capturing World For New FLIP Campaign”

  1. Lindsay Kirsh

    I think this campaign was an excellent marketing tactic for numerous reasons.

    1) The obvious: promoting the product on campuses and amongst youth

    2)Gaining insight on the daily lives of teens, which could potentially be applied to other future product releases

    3) Learning what the college students like and do not like about the product, so changes can be made by the manufacturer

    4)The popularity of reality television these days: college students demonstrate a love for watching the lives of others, making the advertising campaign for the FLIP appealing to this demographic. Footage taken with the 100 FLIPS would be of interest to youth everywhere.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your suggestion about FLIP leveraging their partner spend with MTV, I think it would have been a success to turn one of the videos into an adventure. This would a great advertising ploy for FLIP and a show idea of MTV.

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