Goodbye Bush, Obama’s New Puppy – Fast Thinking Scores Big

30 January 2009

Those of us who work in the marketing industry know the importance of moving fast and thinking ahead, especially in today’s supercharged world.  Today I’m thrilled to share two great examples of companies who excelled in both areas.

Case #1:  Veet hair removal.  The Veet line of products help remove unwanted hair on various parts of the body.  The company has a fun and humorous history of talking about removing hair with their desired audiences.  So, it was not surprising to see the smart people at Veet purchase a bottom strip advertisement to run on the day after Obama’s inauguration (when they knew there would be lots of media coverage) with simply the words “Goodbye Bush” and the company logo.  Such a smart marketing play and one that I’m betting had many Aussies laughing when they read their morning paper.  Solid, smart work by Veet.

Case #2:  Pedigree dog food.  This one is another one related to Obama, but this is from when he gave his acceptance speech and mentioned that his daughters have earned their new puppy.  Two days later Pedigree jumped into the conversation with a full page ad in a US national paper raising awareness of the dog shelter charity efforts by Pedigree, offering to help Obama find a great shelter dog who needs a new home.  A great example of a company who not only sees history happening but saw an opportunity at the same time, moving fast to jump into the conversation.  The ad running a few days later wouldn’t have had the same kind of impact.

Both visuals are great examples to use when trying to showcase the power of pop culture connections and the benefits of moving as fast as the speed of light.

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2 Responses to “Goodbye Bush, Obama’s New Puppy – Fast Thinking Scores Big”

  1. Deborah

    Great examples. From the PR rather than advertising side, the local Humane Society where I live (Winnipeg, Canada), had Labradoodle puppies available for adoption. The E.D. sent a letter to the Prime Minister’s office suggesting Canada give one of the puppies to the new President during his upcoming visit. The E.D. suggested that this would be a great way for the President to avoid any hard feelings for picking one U.S. animal shelter over another–he would be accepting a state gift.

    This story got great coverage locally and nationally. I thought it was brilliant.

  2. Ryan Peal

    Deborah this is such a great example – thanks for sharing. Always looking for great PR examples to reinforce that PR peeps are creative too!

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