The Year of Free: Quiznos Gives Away 1M Subs

26 February 2009

I heard someone call 2009 “the year of free” for brands, what can you give away for free to your consumers so they feel like you understand times are tough, creating another level of emotional connection.  I think Quiznos got the memo with a campaign they launched 2 days ago in the US, giving away 1,000,000 subs for free!  People simply go to the campaign website – nicely named – provide a few details like your name, email and your favorite sub (nice database builder and mini research study) and an instant coupon is emailed to you.

Obviously every brand can’t give away free stuff (if only BMW did) but for those of you that can, now is the time to think of new ways to entertain and engage with people through a fun campaign like this.  As with most campaigns it isn’t hard to figure out – want a free sub, ask for it, you got it. And the company could have just had people on the street handing out coupons (or dressed as big shakes, like lots of brands do) but then they would have missed out on building a database, getting some online buzz and sharing the Quiznos story on the website.

But, there is a very nice added bonus – 31 lucky people (one for every day in March) will win free subs for a year – BONUS! Under the theme of making a “Better World” people can nominate their own hometown heroes to win one of the big prizes (or you selfish, hungry people can nominate yourself).

This campaign does a great job of getting people to actually come to the site to read what Quiznos is up to (on their way to find the “get me a free sub” button).  On the site you’ll find out that the company has recently lowered prizes and has some groovy looking chefs who make sure the subs taste great.  And I checked around and found a Twitter page for the promotion (with only 72 followers) and while the company seems to have multiple Facebook groups I didn’t find one that seems to be an overarching one to promote this campaign.

At latest count, 2 days into the giveaway, the total is nearing 700,000 free subs (well at least coupons) have been given away.  Not too shabby – there are some hungry people out there.  Now we’ll need to see what Quiznos does with their 1M strong database, ready for some regular Quiznos lovin.

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