No Doubt’s Concert Incentive Rocks

16 March 2009

It seems like every week someone is announcing some unique/never-before special promotion that is only made possible by the global financial crisis.  (Companies like JetBlue and Hyundai have been the most visible but lots are doing it.)  This week’s example comes from rock legends No Doubt.  The band just announced a very special incentive to motivate fans to buy full-priced ($42.50 US) ticket to their upcoming summer concert tour.  If you buy the full priced ticket you get a free digital download of their entire catalog, all 80 songs of it, including a new track that is making its debut on Gossip Girl later this season (score).

Besides the corporate offers there have been some other unique music marketing programs that may have inspired Gwen Stefani and the band.  Lots of music artists have been trying out new distribution channels, giving exclusives to different retailers as a way to score some bigger marketing dollars to drive purchase.  And one of the most talked about music marketing offer was a few years ago when Prince giveaway millions of free CD’s in a UK newspaper to stir up concert ticket sales which ended up selling out within an hour (and indie act the Mongrel just did something similar with the Independent newspaper in the UK).  And Prince is at it again with plans to perform on Jay Leno every night for a week – like U2 recently did with Letterman – as the music industry continues to trial new ways to entertain music fans.

Watching this all happening it’s obvious that the music industry is trying to figure out how to keep people buying music (versus free downloading).  No Doubt’s move seems to be a smart one – give the people what they want, remind them why they love you with some music from the past, and have them ready to sing-along at the concert after listening to the free music you just gave them.

Not all of us have free music downloads to give away as part of a campaign but with some creative thinking most brands probably do have some content that could be packaged up for a free element to a promotion.  Can you offer some behind-the-scenes footage from an event, special video with “how to” tips from a spokesperson, unique pictures from a photoshoot, Q&A interview with a celebrity, etc.?  If you are always on the look-out for content that can be packaged up for some added consumer entertainment you’ll be surprised at what you can find.  Remember, one man’s “junk” is another man’s treasure.

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