Nissan Slam Dunks On YouTube

22 April 2009

Recently Nissan launched a campaign on YouTube centered around the universal love and wonderment of the Slam Dunk.  The campaign is connected to the launch of the new Nissan 370Z sports car.

The campaign is relatively simply – upload your own amazing slam dunk video and hope that some of the big gun slam dunk judges (including Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh and former player now commentator Jalen Rose – both huge dunk maniacs) pick you to be one of the 20 finalists.  If you make it to the final 20 then you’ll be asked to serve up another Slam Dunk that is captured on video and uploaded for another round of voting (via views of each video).

From just casual browsing I’ve always noticed lots of slam dunk videos – so lots of guys like to show-off and impress people with their slam dunk moves, so Nissan tapped an already known interest from their target audience (sports and showing off).  The “easiness” of the campaign also works, everyone that would consider a new Nissan sports car I’m guessing would know how to shoot and upload a video.  And because the rules say no added effects or edits then a simple shoot and upload factor ensures people aren’t scared of entering because they don’t know how to edit a video.

I’m guessing that the link between the new Nissan and a Slam Dunk has to be around both being fun to do or drive, powerful performances and more guys being in to sports cars and slam dunks.  It’s a bit of a stretch but I think the simplicity of the campaign and the overall fun factor of it more than makes up for the less than solid connection.

The only thing that I think I would have loved to have seen would have been for some way for someone to actually win a new Nissan.  The Grand Prize is a trip for 2 to some city to see an official slam dunk group (Team Flight Brothers) in action and to have the chance to be a flight brother for a day.  It’s a cool trip for people in to slam dunks but I’m sure they’d also love a car.  So would have loved to have seen some extra challenge that rewarded a new Nissan – like, for example, if any of the submitted slam dunk videos received 10,000,000 views (whoever did it first) would win a car.  This would encourage people to not only get a bit crazy with their slam dunks for maximum entertainment but more importantly would motivate participants to maximize their social networks to drive people to view their video.

The deadline to submit a slam dunk video is coming up (April 26) so you still have time if you are a secret slam dunk maniac.  Overall I think the campaign works – its easy for people to come play, the content is entertaining, the campaign overall is relatively inexpensive for Nissan and could see this as an annual event.  Go Nissan!

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One Response to “Nissan Slam Dunks On YouTube”

  1. Leo Bottary

    Smart campaign for Nissan. Thanks for sharing!

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