Creativity in Public Relations » Online Fun Creativity, marketing, great ideas, smart thinking, public relations, insights, inspirations, innovations and more. (Formerly known as Ryan's View) Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:52:54 +0000 en hourly 1 Hot, Sexy Lady Underwear Models and Rollercoasters Thu, 25 Jun 2009 23:41:32 +0000 Ryan Peal Yes, this headline basically sums up today’s post.  While I’ve written about the viral video sensation sweeping the brand world these days in the pas (from the likes of Trident, Doritos, Samsung, Gillette, Cadburys, etc.) , the one I came across today (thanks to my pal Aden at Digital Buzz) uplifts the fun to a whole new level.

A leading UK underwear brand – Ultimo – has put its best boob forward into the video viral phenomenon, outfitting a dozen hot ladies in a variety of the company’s bras and putting their spill and support factor to the G-Force test found on rollercoasters at Alton Towers Resort.

The video definitely has the funny, entertainment factor in focus with the ladies in their bras bouncing and swirling with every twist, turn and drop of each ride. The editing of the video could have been better – the girls are shown taking off and then arriving a few seconds later on one ride, and then taking off on another and it gets a bit confusing, but the storyline probably wasn’t a big focal point.

The brand connection for the resort comes through naturally but the reference to Ultimo is non-existant except for the description on the YouTube page.  So perhaps this will drive more attendance at the park than sales of the underwear. (I hope people aren’t upset if they come and ladies have their tops on.)

I’m not sure it beats some of my other classics, including the hot girls playing soccer in their bra and panties selling a Samsung TV and the girl band playing in their bra for Vanity Fair but this effort is definitely up there, reinforcing that the “sex sells” dreams/hopes are alive and well in the world of marketing.  Now, take 55 seconds to watch the fun for yourself (no ones watching).

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Dell Swarm – Group Buying Saves Big Bucks Tue, 02 Jun 2009 01:14:00 +0000 Ryan Peal All of my Singapore readers are going to love this, and the rest of us can only hope this program comes our way.  A friend of mine (thanks Janice) in Singapore just told me about an exciting new program from Dell that encourages a group of people to all buy a Dell computer at the same time, on the same day, and save big bucks in the process. It’s called Dell Swarm and I think it rocks.

Here’s how it works:  Pick a Dell PC you’d like, join a swarm (with a guarantee the price will be lower than the price found at, watch as more people join the price of your PC goes down, when 15 people have joined (or 72 hours has been reached) the price is final and you’ve scored with swarm.  It looks like swarms can save $400 off an already discounted started point if the swarm reaches its limit.

Dell makes it easy to invite friends/family to join the swarm for a cheap price by providing a ton of social media examples to get the word out via Twitter, Facebook, Digg or good ol’ fashioned email.   And you can follow Dell Swarm on Twitter and be told when a swarm is about to happen so you can jump in for the fun and the savings.

Bulk buying is nothing new, sites like eSwarm and others have been grouping people together online for a few years now.  And I’ve heard stories from way back in the day when moms would  go into a story to buy all of the baby clothes in one shop for big deals because of the mass buying power.  What’s different about the Dell one is that it’s easy, intuitive and a bit of fun in the process.  You can imagine other companies are watching this Singapore test to see how well it works.  Think of companies that manufacturer mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, video games and more, all offering a similar digital experience and consumer savings.  Love it!

What can we learn from this campaign?  Easy one is the need to create a site that is easy to use, is packaged appropriately with good content and ensures the process is transparent to all.  I also give the effort big props on making it easy to share swarms with friends/family with a great pop-up box that puts it all in one place.  And of course the overall idea scores on the creative front, providing solid inspiration for others to follow in their swarm steps.

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Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and Disney Give Away $1M Mon, 01 Jun 2009 01:05:25 +0000 Ryan Peal When I heard about this new campaign from Disney I was surprised that an idea like this hadn’t happened before as it makes sense on so many fronts.  But, better late than never as Disney and a star power line-up announces “Friends For Change: Project Green.”

The campaign is grounded on creating a community of Disney fans that all want to do their part in helping to change the world by focusing on four specific areas:  climate, water, waste and habitat.  The campaign tackles each area for three months at a time, culminating on one day when everyone involved will simultaneously do something together like reducing water or changing their home thermostat.  Ongoing the campaign will encourage youth to turn off lights, reusable water bottles and more – great things that hopefully will become habits for the next generation.

Disney is getting the word out by leveraging all of the big stars in its world like Miley, Jonas Brothers 1, 2 and 3, Selena Gomez and all of the other teen rock stars connected to the company.  YouTube has lots of videos from the stars, Radio Disney will air special messages, public service announcements on the Disney Channel and I’m guessing some storylines may drop in the Friends for Change campaign in some capacity.  And with the ability for participants to vote on their favorite charity that receives part of a $1M donation from Disney, this campaign is sure to be a winner.

This had to be an easy decision for Disney, creating a campaign that leverages its star power talent, helps the environment, has an education message parents will love, drives online buzz and polishes the Disney halo of all things good to shine brighter than ever.  And it’s easy to see how this campaign can become an ongoing, community driven effort for years to come, helping new charities, teaching more environment tips and providing a “feel good” element to up-and-coming stars of Disney.

With this in mind, some things to think about for your next campaign.  An obvious ones, the power of celebrities to motivate the masses is alive and well.  Can your campaign include a way for people to connect online to help and change things, feel like part of a community?  Line up some solid media partners that can naturally be used to raise awareness and drive traffic to the campaign site.  Don’t forget a “show me the money” element by shifting dollars away from non-effective TV ads and into a conversation-driving, let-people-decide charity giveaway – some real big bucks that get people excited.

Hoping in the future Disney motivates participants (and their parents) to work in the offline world, like inviting people to clean up a identified park in specific cities or donating toys around Christmas and more.  Until then, welcome Disney to the world of giving and sharing and community, glad to see you using your power for good.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-26 Sun, 26 Apr 2009 05:30:00 +0000 Ryan Peal
  • Please Retweet: Sign this petition : “Save the Giant Slide” – #
  • UNESCO + 32 institutions today launch World Digital Library — manuscripts, maps, rare books, films, prints, photos #
  • Today’s the day – go see EARTH the movie & Disney plants a tree (only opening day – hurry up already) #
  • Playing with new Social Media Index tool, easy snapshot of brands showing up in online conversations #yam #
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    Ashton Kutcher, Twitter, H&K Help End Malaria Sat, 25 Apr 2009 00:40:21 +0000 Ryan Peal In one of the biggest examples to date of the new ways people hear about things and get involved (beyond hearing from traditional media channels like TV, radio and newspapers) Ashton Kutcher and CNN use the power of Twitter to drive awareness by millions of the campaign “Malaria No More.”

    It all started with a magical number – 1 million followers – who would be the first to get 1,000,000 people to follow them on the microblogging sensation taking over the world, Twitter.   Ashton, we are so on a first name basis, has been a huge ambassador for spreading the fun and power of Twitter, providing people with a fun peek inside his world but also guiding people toward causes and events that do things to help the world.  As people love competition, both Ashton and CNN were both gaining big followers recently, with the big 1,000,000 finish line (or starting line perhaps) coming strong.  Both Ashton and CNN were approached to celebrate the winner to the big magical number with a donation (and related awareness) to fund the purchase of mosquito nets to help combat Malaria in Africa.

    The traditional media (like CNN) was attracted well, like flies, to the competition and covered the race as well as the related finish line donation.  The big day happened last week and Ashton showed up on Larry King to talk about his win and of course talk about the Malaria No More campaign.  Both Ashton and CNN donated $100,000 to purchase 10,000 bed nets for the campaign.  (watch the video here)

    Inspired by Ashton’s feat, Malaria No More wants to build on this momentum and use Twitter to generate even more awareness leading up to World Malaria Day this Saturday, April 25. Their ultimate goal?  Fund 1 million bed nets in the next five days.  A tall order perhaps, but as the CNN race demonstrated, combining social and traditional media can yield impressive results.

    On Thursday, Ashton announced that 100 of his best Twitter friends (including the likes of Oprah, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Seacrest) will tweet about malaria on World Malaria Day, driving extensive awareness and hopefully traffic to the website for people to make as little as a $10 donation to help the campaign.

    This campaign has a ton of key learnings for us to think about.  First off, of course, is the combination of social networking (like Twitter) with traditional media (CNN) to maximise both channels and work in tandem to drive awareness and traffic to a campaign site.   Secondly, celebrities actually leveraging their star power to shine the spotlight on an issue that doesn’t somehow benefit them is extremely powerful.  There also is something to be said about a challenge, a goal or some big number to reach – people like being involved and being a part of a movement so the 1,000,000 goal worked well.  And the Malaria No More website does its job by having a simple homepage to guide people to easy ways to read more and to donate (sometimes sites can be so busy that they lose people who took the time to visit).

    Full disclosure – Malaria No More is a nonprofit organization near and dear to our hearts here at H&K through our current work with a broad malaria coalition (in conjunction with the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa).

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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-19 Sun, 19 Apr 2009 05:30:00 +0000 Ryan Peal
  • this is crazy, twitter can tell you when your plants need water #
  • RT @EntrepreneurEnc Nice one, 10 crazy ideas that made someone crazy rich #
  • Great new survey from Microsoft on internet trends in Europe #
  • Heard of Poken? If not, you will soon. Great overview of the social media biz card magic it provides #
  • New survey estimates 75% of teens on some form of social network, wonder what other 25% are doing? #
  • Church in No. Carolina asks people to tweet during sermon #
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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-12 Sun, 12 Apr 2009 05:30:00 +0000 Ryan Peal
  • Love this – 9 reasons why teachers should use Twitter #
  • still trying to figure out this analysis of a wiki of a bunch of social media marketing examples #
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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-05 Sun, 05 Apr 2009 05:30:00 +0000 Ryan Peal
  • Lovin’ this site that tracks the URLs being tweeted the most, great for trendwatching #
  • RT @MauriceMaas: 8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams (via @sampad) #
  • Great article on local politicians in Georgia using Twitter, Facebook; transparency gone wild! #
  • Loving all of the fun using grease monkey user scripts for twitter, worth a search to find ones for u #
  • My favourite day of the year – April Fools! how many “kick me” signs can i go through this year. :) #
  • great round-up article on some new social networking sites/tools to check out #
  • hysterical new lifestyles condoms ad starring the condom fairy (almost nude start, wait 4 fairy) #
  • New tool doubles # of chrctrs per tweet. :-( Do I want 2x chrctrs on Twitter, takes fun out of it? #
  • WPP Group M announces today – ad slump will continue into 2010, when will this roller coaster be over? #
  • Yahoo has officially released its Yahoo Mobile portal, both for the Web and as an iPhone app. nice. #
  • how much more multi-tasking can we do? Y! TV Widgets; twitter on 1 part of TV, watch movie on other #
  • RT@andrewjnla Frank Gehry selected to design eisenhower national memorial #
  • Heading to HK marketing blender event – transparency and scrutiny in new world, H&K worldwide CEO speaking #hkblender #
  • #hkblender Looks like near 100 people have arrived, close to a full house in our new space, should b a great convo #
  • #hkblender nice intro video recapping new world order and merger of brand and reputation #
  • #hkblender solid panel – robert gottliebsen of, indira naidoo of abc/sbs and paul taafe – H&K ceo #
  • #hkblender indira “how do we stimulate confidence and restore trust” #
  • #hkblender robert “new capital system, reinvented on simpler basis will emerge” #
  • #hkblender paul taafe “companies will provide metrics like sustainability policies, how treat employees, how products really work” #
  • #hkblender robert “pacbrands situation is like vegemite being outsourced to another country” #
  • #hkblender paul taafe “pacbrands was a surprise, wasn’t telegraphing challenges in advance, execs had lost touch with consumers” #
  • #hkblender paul taafe “power of new ability for angry consumers to speak and act with a loud and aggressive voice won’t change” #
  • RT @ManiKarthik: 50 Fabulous Web Tools for Group Projects #
  • New Axe/Lynx site pulls social media mix-up like Skittles #
  • #FollowFriday @creativesoul @mstuyvenberg @andrewjnla @JDEbberly @McCoyDigital #
  • Take That Boss! Twittering and watching YouTube videos ‘makes workers more productive’ @garethdaine #
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    Nose Blowing Fun From Schering Plough Mon, 30 Mar 2009 21:47:05 +0000 Ryan Peal It’s fun to watch pharmaceutical companies testing the boundaries of all the marketing code fun they have in their industry.  And thanks to my good friend Heidi in DC I have a great one to share starring “Ronny Nose” who stars in a mini-addictive game trying to avoid things that may make him sneeze, and hoping to run into medicine and doctors who can help him feel better.  Yes, I’m not making this up and you can play it yourself by visiting “Don’t Blow It: The Nasal Allergy Game.”

    The game is brought to you by Schering Plough, makers of Nasonex, something that you may have guessed helps eleviate allergy symptoms.  The game provides Schering with a way to casually remind people of Nasonex and its role in allergies as well as the need to check in with your doctor to learn more. In between each round there is a little comment about allergies and doctors for another little shout out for the benefits of Nasonex without saying it.

    There is a direct link to the product under the “learn more” section – providing people with an overview of allergies, Nasonex role in helping and a link to get a $15 coupon off the product too.  And a “gotta love lawyers” part of the site is at the bottom of the game screen that says the game “is not intended to depict the efficacy of Nasonex.”  The site also has a Facebook element (you can download an image of Ronny, the running nose) and a share with a friend (via email) element too.  And the site also ticked off the environmental box too, wtih 20,000 “low-allergenic” trees being planted in honor of the first 20,000 people who play with Ronny.

    All-in-all, given the tight regulations of the industry, the site does a good job of using some fun to have a conversation directly with consumers and yes, it’s nothing to sneeze at either. :-)

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    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-29 Sun, 29 Mar 2009 13:30:00 +0000 Ryan Peal
  • For 4th year, Coke and J&J ranked 1 & 2 in corporate brand strength. Visit site for free report #
  • loving this, all types of daily crimes in Oakland California tracked visually on a map of the city #
  • RT @mstuyvenberg: white paper “if it doesn’t spread, it’s dead” by Dir MIT Comparative Media Studies Program #
  • Can’t wait for the “Where The Wilds Things Are” movie, new sneak pics out today! #
  • mom just joined Facebook, 5 minutes later sister sent me to as we plot our next move. hmm #
  • New Report consumer adopt of mobile, tech = 54% don’t want mobile TV + Boomers mobile music fans #
  • New report on 2008 brand winners in controversy, retail enviro, packaging, rebrand, viral and more #
  • Whats next for Twitter? Social CRM? great analyst thinking here #
  • so nice so many people on twitter want me to achieve my dreams and make fast cash, what about world peace? #
  • Ikea Car? France site 31 March reveal. “modular design, coupe or convertible, with backing of WWF” #
  • RT @mobilelifetoday, South Carolina city hosts “Pink Slip Party” w/digital experts 4 job seekers #
  • Loving – a great story about products, trash & cycle of waste we create. worth 10 mins of ur time #
  • new analyst report, Microsoft campaign monetizes twitter #
  • New report, smartphones 33% of all mobile Web usage in US in Feb, up from 26% 6 months ago. #
  • Hmm – Maryland Senator in US submits bill for struggling newspapers to become tax-exempt non-profits. #
  • do the ladies out there really think men in kilts are sexy? maybe i just need better legs #
  • Love it, YouTube adds a Twitter button (under the share tab) – nice. #
  • @CreativeSoul Thanks for the #FollowFriday. Just read what it was, totally on it next Friday. Go Twitter! :-) #
  • Loving Grateful Graffiti magnets – let you show some love in a colorful but not damaging way. #
  • WOW! # of Facebook users over 35 doubled in last 60 days, fastest demo women over 55 #yam #
  • – new channel offers campus tours, lectures, college news for prospective students. #
  • Saint Mary’s College students attempt to break record for most people in phonebooth #
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