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A few weeks ago Levis in Australia and New Zealand started sending out people wearing new Levis and twittering about it with their iSpy Levis Twitter campaign.  Ok nothing out of the ordinary yet.  The catch, if you follow the campaign by Levis on Twitter you will see that their tweets are clues on where they are, providing photos and narrative of things around them, helping you track them down.  Why would you want to track them down, to get a free pair of jeans!  If you follow the tweets and hunt down your prey and ask “are those levis?” – magic will happen – instantly the people will drop their pants and give them to you right on the spot (putting a smile on your face like the winner above, Jimmy Curtis).  I’m guessing in reality you get a pair that is your size but you never know down under – may be forced to squeeze into some jeans but at least they are free.

A great example to share with clients and colleagues of how Twitter can add some personality and fun to your brand and have you actually engage with real, live people in the process.  Great work Levis!

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Interview: Virgin Mobile Australia Thu, 28 May 2009 01:20:31 +0000 Ryan Peal My mission to speak with some of the smart marketers around the world today leads me down under to Australia, where I recently had a chance to speak with Chris Jones, head of acquisition marketing at Virgin Mobile Australia.  Chris is responsible for creating awareness of Virgin Mobile products and services, showcasing how they can make someone’s life better.  As with previous guests Chris tackled “5 Big Questions of Creativity.”  Here we go:

1.    Why is creativity important to your brand and business?  We operate in a competitive category where it’s easy to be drawn into price wars with the competition.  As a challenger brand operating with fewer resources we have to leverage the power of our ideas to gain cut through in a very crowded marketplace, and that’s where creativity is a major contributor of our success.  This becomes an even greater priority in light of the recent merger activities in the telco space.

2.    Where do you find creative ideas/thoughts for inspiration?  We look to understand the consumer’s mindset to understand what’s important or relevant to them right now.  With this as a foundation, we then try to generate ideas based on what we believe the consumer is open to accepting or wanting to hear at this point in time.  Listening to the customer in this way creates a platform from which strong ideas can make their way to the fore.

3.    What do you do to encourage/nurture creativity in your business/campaigns?  The pace of our business often makes this a difficult task.  We try to create an environment where employees feel empowered to take ownership of their campaigns.  In addition we really look to our agency partners to push us and push our thinking.  We’re not where we’d like to be with this yet but we’re moving in the right direction.

4.    Can you share an example of a creative campaign that really stuck with you, and why?  I am very impressed with Turkcell, a wireless provider in Turkey and their award winning efforts around gnctrkcll, a 15 million strong youth mobile club.  They’ve created a new revenue stream that adds value for their customers and for brand partners trying to reach their customers through the mobile phone as a platform.  The concept and campaign are very innovative and creative leveraging products & technologies that are widely available (ringback tones & their delivery platform) in a new way that better meets the needs of their consumers.

5.    Can you provide one short phrase or sentence of your definition of creativity:  the application of insights to deliver value for consumers

Virgin Mobile continues to be a force down under, and with Chris and the rest of his team leveraging creativity to its fullest, it’s easy to see why.

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New Rexona TV Show Starring Australia’s Top Athletes Mon, 09 Feb 2009 00:49:33 +0000 Ryan Peal I’ve been watching for a while the growing area of “branded entertainment” – loosely defined as brands who pay for the production of content (i.e., tv shows, movies, documentaries) as a new way to engage their desired audiences.  This marketing technique acutally dates back to the early 50’s in the US when makers of laundry detergents wanted to create a TV show that could naturally highlight its products.  Today’s new twist doesn’t necessarily have the brand front and center in the show but mainly in the title and some on-air branding and all over the digital home of these efforts.

I was reading over at my friends bannerblog today who highlighted a new program that recently started for Rexona (leading maker of a variety of personal care products including men and women deoderant) simply called the “Rexona Greatest Athlete Australia.”  The show has lined up some great guy athletes across a variety of sports and puts them in head-to-head challenges to see ultimately who is the best all-around athlete in Australia.

The show has great star power as some of athletes are extremely well-known and has a sort of Survivor meets The Real World meets Iron Man feeling to it.  The show airs for eight weeks on Channel Nine in Ausralia on Saturdays at 4:30 – for me not the best time to reach men or women in their twenty’s (who I am assuming are the target audience) who I would bet would be at the beach or somewhere as its Summer down under.  But the campaign has full episodes on a pretty solid website so if they have done solid work on the PR front as well as tapping into fans of each participant via social media they should get some good eyeballs to check out the show.  And I’m betting given the “hot” scale of the guys (like Billy Slater pictured with the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) will definitely have the girls at least hitting the record button if they are out that day (and the first few episides seem to have water themes so shirts are off – coincidence?).

In any case, if you are working with a company considering some new ways to spend their advertising dollars (given the decline of the effectiveness of traditional advertising – especially reaching a youth audience) this is a great example of the kinds of alternatives that are out there with the right smart thinking in place.

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