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Now the fun stuff – starting today fans can tune in each day for the next 30 days to read along together as the excitement and mystery unfolds.  The campaign was led by Borders Australia which has put together a solid campaign site, providing updates on the competition, writing tips from James, books James recommends and of course links to lots of social networks connected in on the fun, including Twitter and Facebook.

The competition works on so many levels.  First up obviously is the unique prize – being a “co-author” with James Patterson is a huge, money-can’t-buy opportunity.  And if just being a co-author isn’t enough the 28 finalists will receive some of the only printed copies of the book and one winner gets a 1:1 master class with James via phone – a huge buzz builder.  Today’s world is all about creating stuff that can be shared with friends – photos, blogs, tweets, videos, short stories, etc. – so this campaign also connects to this growing trend so naturally. The campaign also works on the buzz level – an easy idea to tell a friend to raise awareness of the campaign through friends and strong word-of-mouth.  And of course site traffic should be huge for the campaign, as the only place to read the story over the next 30 days.

Some great key learnings to keep in mind for your next campaign.  How can you make it easy for people to get involved through the creation of some fun content that they’ll want to make the time to produce?  What unique and “WOW” prize can you develop to persuade people to participate? And are you working all of the social media networks to really add excitement to the campaign and make it seem as large and accessible as possible?  Great things to consider to help your next campaign be a big success.

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