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But until I make time to do that, I’ll go on the old saying that “there’s nothing more practical than a good theory” and provide some Friday fun that has the potential to let your brain prepare for the weekend.

First up, Wordle.  On Wordle you cut and paste text from entire documents or blog feeds or even your delicious bookmarks and turns all of these random words into crazy word clouds.  You can see from the visual above – a Worldle of This Blog – how it works, providing more weight and size to words repeated more often than others, creating a very cool way to get a different type of summary of what kind of stuff I write about here.  I’ve started using it to look at the underlynig messages in famous speeches or even news releases, providing a visual way to see what the person was trying to say.  One recent news release produced big words for “strategy” and “care” and “future” which was spot on as it was about a new charity program for a client.  You can change color, directions and fonts for hours of fun.

And lets talk about balls for a moment, dropping balls.  No, not those kind of balls (get your mind out of the gutter), Dropping Balls is a very cool game from Google that was discovered as part of the company’s Chrome Experiments – an ongoing open search for cool things programmers can create using Java and browsers (the stuff that makes stuff work online).  At first it seems very simple, but if you start trying to make a song or keep as many balls as you can on the screen you’ll find an hour has gone by and you are still playing with balls . . . it happens.

Hope these two Friday distractions help provide an easy transition into the weekend.  And please don’t visit these sites unless its on Friday, it just wouldn’t be right for your brain on any other day.

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