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For today’s class we’ll take a look at two different approaches to video entertainment by two different brands (and two different size budgets).  First up, Trident, who recently jumped on the Beyone “Single Ladies” worldwide phenomenon, which shows no signs of stopping.  Recently Trident hired 100 ladies to slip into leotards and hit the strees of London at Picadilly Circus, performing the Beyonce dance number for unsuspecting crowds.  The focus, however, was just getting the content filmed and then posted on YouTube – with some strategic placement on some forums and blogs to drive awareness.  I just one week the video is nearly the magic 1,000,000 views number.  The performance was connected to Trident giving away tickets to an upcoming free Beyonce concert – and has a reference at the end of the video, directing people to visit a campaign site to win tickets.

Next up, some supermen starring in a new Gillette video – the supermen being Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Derek Jeter, all spokespersons for the razor megabrand.  The brand brought the three together, dressed them up in some stylin’ 70’s outfits, dropped some “staying alive” music into the background and away they went.  The success of the video depends on the “look at what they got these big sports heroes to wear” factor, hoping it is enough to get people to tell a friend about it.  The idea doesn’t have the same talkability as Beyonce (just because that one already has a life of its own online) but the brand does a good job at directing people to a campaign website where people can try and win one of 500 free Gillette razors given away every day for 30 days.  You have to enter your name/email/address to enter and you can enter as much as you want (but only one razor per person).

For me I think both are great efforts, driving buzz for both brands and not doing any type of hard sell.  I wish the Trident Beyonce dance would have had some connection to the chewing gum – like all of the dancers putting in a stick of Trident at the beginning of the routine, or blowing a bubble in the middle of it, or some connection back to the brand.  It looks like a classic “sponsorship” instead of creating something new or putting a little twist on it.  It works with regard to being fun enough that people want to pass it along to friends, but think it was a missed opportunity to add something new to it. With regard to Gillette, I wish it just went a bit further on the “on my God” factor to motivate people to watch it again and send it to friends.  It’s fun but, in my opinion, a funny plot twist (beyond the platform shoes) or visual or something could have ensured it was a huge success.

Hats off to the people behind both videos, as the more brands experiment and try new things we all actually win – people get a new kind of entertainment, more free stuff is up for grabs, imaginations get bigger and hopefully boring ads of the past are gone forever – and true brand engagement is here to stay.

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Beyonce Single Ladies Viral Video Craziness Thu, 18 Dec 2008 14:29:00 +0000 Ryan Peal So the holidays are coming fast so its time to lighten up the blogging a bit and entertain everyone with some video fun starring some new fan favourites channeling their own Beyonce spirits.  Beyonce’s new song – Single Ladies – has an incredible music video with Beyonce strutting her stuff with two back-up singers/dancers.  This video has spawned almost thousands of imitations, all doing their best version of the song and dance moves.  The first video (maybe not officially but the one that has had millions of views) was created by a dancer who learned every booty shake, hip swing and more – and then was invited to appear on a talk show to do it in front of a green screen.  Around the same time Justin Timberlake appeared on Saturday Night Life as a back-up singer in the video, with Beyonce singing it on the show – priceless.  Than a different kind of entertainer took the show up north, with a “Beyonce in Alaska” rendition – still wearing the little outfit but dancing around in the snow.  And another consumer video letting it all hang out has had 2 million views.  And recently, a girl who looks about 2 years old has her own version.  All worth a few minutes of your life to pretend you can dance this great.

Now with our “what can we learn from the madness” hat on, this video has definitely struck a chord and has provided a platform for people who want to express their own creativity and personality, or get their 15 minutes of fame.  The desire for fame is a strong pull to tap into with a campaign, what can “money can’t buy” experience can you provide the average consumer so they can tell their friends about it, or so they can be seen all over the web thanks to you?  Tapping into the growing desire for everyone to have some bit of fame/popularity/awareness is becoming more and more important as the clutter for everyone to have a voice in the world is getting well, more cluttered.  Can you shape your next campaign to tap into the fame game?

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