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A leading UK underwear brand – Ultimo – has put its best boob forward into the video viral phenomenon, outfitting a dozen hot ladies in a variety of the company’s bras and putting their spill and support factor to the G-Force test found on rollercoasters at Alton Towers Resort.

The video definitely has the funny, entertainment factor in focus with the ladies in their bras bouncing and swirling with every twist, turn and drop of each ride. The editing of the video could have been better – the girls are shown taking off and then arriving a few seconds later on one ride, and then taking off on another and it gets a bit confusing, but the storyline probably wasn’t a big focal point.

The brand connection for the resort comes through naturally but the reference to Ultimo is non-existant except for the description on the YouTube page.  So perhaps this will drive more attendance at the park than sales of the underwear. (I hope people aren’t upset if they come and ladies have their tops on.)

I’m not sure it beats some of my other classics, including the hot girls playing soccer in their bra and panties selling a Samsung TV and the girl band playing in their bra for Vanity Fair but this effort is definitely up there, reinforcing that the “sex sells” dreams/hopes are alive and well in the world of marketing.  Now, take 55 seconds to watch the fun for yourself (no ones watching).

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Videos “going viral” latest marketing hope (Beyonce, Trident, Gillette) Tue, 28 Apr 2009 12:44:11 +0000 Ryan Peal Seems like everywhere you look a brand is trying to be connected to the next (or the current) viral video madness that is entertaining the world.  Sometimes brands do it well while sometimes they seem like they are just tagging on and don’t exactly mix in right.  All are just new ways to entertain people enough that hopefully they want to share it with a friend for instant credibility and endorsement (versus straight product advertising focusing on features).  Now its all about driving conversations, talkability and buzz.  And the best part, the ideas for entertaining short videos that could “go viral” can come from anyone – all that is needed are companies willing to experiment and see what happens.

For today’s class we’ll take a look at two different approaches to video entertainment by two different brands (and two different size budgets).  First up, Trident, who recently jumped on the Beyone “Single Ladies” worldwide phenomenon, which shows no signs of stopping.  Recently Trident hired 100 ladies to slip into leotards and hit the strees of London at Picadilly Circus, performing the Beyonce dance number for unsuspecting crowds.  The focus, however, was just getting the content filmed and then posted on YouTube – with some strategic placement on some forums and blogs to drive awareness.  I just one week the video is nearly the magic 1,000,000 views number.  The performance was connected to Trident giving away tickets to an upcoming free Beyonce concert – and has a reference at the end of the video, directing people to visit a campaign site to win tickets.

Next up, some supermen starring in a new Gillette video – the supermen being Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Derek Jeter, all spokespersons for the razor megabrand.  The brand brought the three together, dressed them up in some stylin’ 70’s outfits, dropped some “staying alive” music into the background and away they went.  The success of the video depends on the “look at what they got these big sports heroes to wear” factor, hoping it is enough to get people to tell a friend about it.  The idea doesn’t have the same talkability as Beyonce (just because that one already has a life of its own online) but the brand does a good job at directing people to a campaign website where people can try and win one of 500 free Gillette razors given away every day for 30 days.  You have to enter your name/email/address to enter and you can enter as much as you want (but only one razor per person).

For me I think both are great efforts, driving buzz for both brands and not doing any type of hard sell.  I wish the Trident Beyonce dance would have had some connection to the chewing gum – like all of the dancers putting in a stick of Trident at the beginning of the routine, or blowing a bubble in the middle of it, or some connection back to the brand.  It looks like a classic “sponsorship” instead of creating something new or putting a little twist on it.  It works with regard to being fun enough that people want to pass it along to friends, but think it was a missed opportunity to add something new to it. With regard to Gillette, I wish it just went a bit further on the “on my God” factor to motivate people to watch it again and send it to friends.  It’s fun but, in my opinion, a funny plot twist (beyond the platform shoes) or visual or something could have ensured it was a huge success.

Hats off to the people behind both videos, as the more brands experiment and try new things we all actually win – people get a new kind of entertainment, more free stuff is up for grabs, imaginations get bigger and hopefully boring ads of the past are gone forever – and true brand engagement is here to stay.

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Year of Free Continues As Arby’s Serves Up “Upset Burgers” Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:21:17 +0000 Ryan Peal What is happening in the world this year?  The economy is on the ropes, companies are going out of business and yet, another company announces that it may be giving away free burgers to every American.  Having 2009 be known as the “year of free” as I noted a few weeks back with Quiznos giving away 1 million free subs continues to be in the cards as Arby’s announces it will be giving away free Arby’s Roastburgers if a sports miracle happens this week as part of the US college basketball championships.  If a bottom of the list team pulls an upset and beats a top of the list team in the opening round of the basketball playoffs then Arby’s will join the growing number of companies using “free” as a marketing strategy for success in 2009.

Denny’s, a nationwide fast food chain in the US, gave away more than 2 million “Grand Slam” breakfasts for free after the Super Bowl.  Last year Taco Bell, another nationwide fast food chain in the US, continued its multiple year tradition of giving away free tacos to the country related to a specific event happening in the baseball World Series.  And as mentioned above, Quiznos gave away 1 million free subs last month too.  And my colleague Meghan, a youth marketing guru, also recently highlighted other free offers popping up across multiple categories.

So, is free a smart business strategy?  For companies with products that they can easily give away, its probably not a bad option. Many of these companies would normally give out coupons for similar offers, but have smartly realised they could package up the offer in something more fun that engages and entertains people and gets people talking.  So buzz generation for low-cost items definitely would seem worth it for some companies. And if you connect the free offer to a once-in-a-million chance (like Arbys) then you may even get the publicity without having to give the goods.

But what if you don’t have products that are inexpensive enough to give away for free?  This is where some added creative thinking is needed.  As I referenced recently when talking about No Doubt’s free music catalog promotion for people who buy a concert ticket, if you look around you probably can find some content that may seem boring or normal to you but if packaged up right, could be something your consumer fans would love to get, and get for free.  Once you start looking for it you’ll be surprised at what you can find that can be offered to build some added brand loyalty with fans who should appreciate it, and think its even better because its free.

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Red Bull Snow Ramp Hits Big Apple Wed, 04 Feb 2009 08:00:47 +0000 Ryan Peal Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a fan of Red Bull. The company knows its audience and what will entertain them. So from the company that brought you the craziness of flugtag, the madness of air racing and the mind-scratching world of football/soccer street style comes the next big adventure – urban snowboarding. This coming Thursday Red Bull is building an amazing snow ramp and has invited 16 of the top snowboarders competing today to battle it out for a $100,000 prize in the Red Bull Snowscrapers event – now that could buy a lot of Red Bull.

Red Bull kicked off the pre-event buzz with a party at the Winter X Games a few weeks ago and now it’s only a few days away until the big show. The event is more than just snowboarding; the heavy rock band Anthrax is performing along with a few indie bands like Valiant Thorr and Black Gold.

I’m a big fan of big snowboarding ramps – having had my first experience with Boost Mobile and the Boost Mobile Pro of Snowboarding back in 2004 when we built one off of Lake Shore Drive and had Ludacris and Kanye West performing, one incredible weekend. Then with Motorola we built one (pictured) in Las Vegas to kick off the partnership between Motorola and Burton – that was amazing.

So with these two events in mind I definitely think this week will be a hit for Red Bull. They have Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White competing against other big names in the snowboarding world – so the authenticity of the event is in check with their involvement. They have NBC on board to broadcast the event a few weeks later on TV. And you can only imagine the visuals that will come out of the event with the NYC skyline in the background.

For me I always use Red Bull as the perfect example of how to really use sponsorship dollars – not by sponsoring someone else’s event but by creating your own that no one else can own. Red Bull does it brilliantly, has a great pulse on pop culture and knows how to create an event with lots of legs that produces content and buzz for the brand – and does it so well that it truly is the benchmark on how brands should be entertaining their fans.

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Naked Girls and Guys Controversy Works For Calvin Klein Tue, 03 Feb 2009 07:58:31 +0000 Ryan Peal Sex sells – at least the theory goes.  And today thanks to my friend Katy there’s another example of campaigns hoping that theory is right.  Calvin Klein Jeans this week unveiled a sexed up video of naked guys and girls wearing CK Jeans and having some fun on a sofa of what looks like an old apartment in NYC with a grainy, hidden camera feeling to the whole thing.  I think there are two girls and one guy or made three girls and one guy or some combination, but the end result is hot, hot, hot.

The CK jeans are on full display throughout the video, so it does the initial job of showing off the product well – and with the sex-factor on high my bet is this video will make its way around the net fast.

So does this work?  I’d say yes.  For the CK brand it is just another example of the company’s history of using hot guys and girls to sell underwear, jeans, fragrances and more.  So they are extremely consistent on what the overall brand platform is and how to deliver it.  It all started way back when with Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein video (which I found right next to this one on YouTube).

Katy said she heard the commercial was banned on TV so another added bit of conversation that will only drive people to seek out the video even more.  For me I still think I like the hot girls playing soccer selling a Samsung TV better, but this is a very close runner-up.

This kind of approach isn’t for every brand.  But for the ones that can get away with it, something tells me they have a bit more fun every day at work than the rest of us.  Now sit back, take 30 seconds out of your day and have a look below at the video – no one is looking and if they are just say its for research.

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