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Denny’s, a nationwide fast food chain in the US, gave away more than 2 million “Grand Slam” breakfasts for free after the Super Bowl.  Last year Taco Bell, another nationwide fast food chain in the US, continued its multiple year tradition of giving away free tacos to the country related to a specific event happening in the baseball World Series.  And as mentioned above, Quiznos gave away 1 million free subs last month too.  And my colleague Meghan, a youth marketing guru, also recently highlighted other free offers popping up across multiple categories.

So, is free a smart business strategy?  For companies with products that they can easily give away, its probably not a bad option. Many of these companies would normally give out coupons for similar offers, but have smartly realised they could package up the offer in something more fun that engages and entertains people and gets people talking.  So buzz generation for low-cost items definitely would seem worth it for some companies. And if you connect the free offer to a once-in-a-million chance (like Arbys) then you may even get the publicity without having to give the goods.

But what if you don’t have products that are inexpensive enough to give away for free?  This is where some added creative thinking is needed.  As I referenced recently when talking about No Doubt’s free music catalog promotion for people who buy a concert ticket, if you look around you probably can find some content that may seem boring or normal to you but if packaged up right, could be something your consumer fans would love to get, and get for free.  Once you start looking for it you’ll be surprised at what you can find that can be offered to build some added brand loyalty with fans who should appreciate it, and think its even better because its free.

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