Creativity in Public Relations » disney Creativity, marketing, great ideas, smart thinking, public relations, insights, inspirations, innovations and more. (Formerly known as Ryan's View) Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:52:54 +0000 en hourly 1 Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and Disney Give Away $1M Mon, 01 Jun 2009 01:05:25 +0000 Ryan Peal When I heard about this new campaign from Disney I was surprised that an idea like this hadn’t happened before as it makes sense on so many fronts.  But, better late than never as Disney and a star power line-up announces “Friends For Change: Project Green.”

The campaign is grounded on creating a community of Disney fans that all want to do their part in helping to change the world by focusing on four specific areas:  climate, water, waste and habitat.  The campaign tackles each area for three months at a time, culminating on one day when everyone involved will simultaneously do something together like reducing water or changing their home thermostat.  Ongoing the campaign will encourage youth to turn off lights, reusable water bottles and more – great things that hopefully will become habits for the next generation.

Disney is getting the word out by leveraging all of the big stars in its world like Miley, Jonas Brothers 1, 2 and 3, Selena Gomez and all of the other teen rock stars connected to the company.  YouTube has lots of videos from the stars, Radio Disney will air special messages, public service announcements on the Disney Channel and I’m guessing some storylines may drop in the Friends for Change campaign in some capacity.  And with the ability for participants to vote on their favorite charity that receives part of a $1M donation from Disney, this campaign is sure to be a winner.

This had to be an easy decision for Disney, creating a campaign that leverages its star power talent, helps the environment, has an education message parents will love, drives online buzz and polishes the Disney halo of all things good to shine brighter than ever.  And it’s easy to see how this campaign can become an ongoing, community driven effort for years to come, helping new charities, teaching more environment tips and providing a “feel good” element to up-and-coming stars of Disney.

With this in mind, some things to think about for your next campaign.  An obvious ones, the power of celebrities to motivate the masses is alive and well.  Can your campaign include a way for people to connect online to help and change things, feel like part of a community?  Line up some solid media partners that can naturally be used to raise awareness and drive traffic to the campaign site.  Don’t forget a “show me the money” element by shifting dollars away from non-effective TV ads and into a conversation-driving, let-people-decide charity giveaway – some real big bucks that get people excited.

Hoping in the future Disney motivates participants (and their parents) to work in the offline world, like inviting people to clean up a identified park in specific cities or donating toys around Christmas and more.  Until then, welcome Disney to the world of giving and sharing and community, glad to see you using your power for good.

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Mickey Mouse Serves It Up In Breakdancing Battle Fri, 06 Mar 2009 06:52:28 +0000 Ryan Peal This will not change the world, but sometimes the right kind of video can provide a momentary/mini lift for a brand in regard to connecting with consumers, reminding them they are still there, reaching a new audience or just adding a simple bit of fun to a brand.  Case in point: Mickey Mouse.

Last weekat Disneyland Paris our favourite mouse looked like he was going to get served as a cute looking French kid challenges him to a breakdance battle royale.  But, Mickey had the last laugh as he got down . . . got down on his hands and knees and head and spun right around baby right around, like a record player right around.  It’s definitely fun to watch Mickey breakdance, and definitely creates a new “surprise” moment when watching.

Obviously this was staged (I’m guessing, but guessing I’m 100% right) but to me it doesn’t matter – its fun, entertaining and works.  It shows Mickey is forever young and connected to what kids are in to today and shows he can still have a lot of fun in the process.

The reason why I wanted to highlight this video is that its a great example of a brand taking a moment to not take itself so seriously, or follow official guidelines, etc.  This is a mini moment of fun in a medium that begs for it.  Any brand could add a bit of disruption/surprise into their marketing mix as a way to keep the conversation fresh about the brand, keep people watching and wondering what may come next.  Unleash your creative wild child for one fun video project every six months – mix it up, you and your fans will be glad you do, and in the process you may learn something about how you fit in their world.  Now, watch Mickey get down, moonwalk and did a killer last dance move worth waiting for at the end.

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