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The campaign leverages the signature imagery of the Salvation Army around the world – the well-known shield symbol of the organisation.  Using that as its creative foundation, the organisation reached out to local businesses to secure free blank spaces (anywhere will do) where they can paint or stamp the Salvation Army shield along with a donation message.  Local businesses responded in masses, with store windows, pizza boxes, rocks and even dirt on a back windshield being used to raise awareness and ultimately donations to the charity.

The campaign highlights the overall message of the Salvation Army – making every dollar donated go further.  The creative use of blank spaces that don’t cost anything or that are donated provide a perfect place for the organisation to reference the fact that “83 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the people who need it most.”  This is a great example of a campaign that rocks, sending a message and telling a story simply by the way the campaign has been put together.  And now I’m doing my part, providing my own free space for the campaign, and if you too feel inspired, click here to donate to the Salvation Army – an organisation that works.

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