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This week Doritos in Australia has brought the same campaign down under – but the winning prize is missing lots of O’s on it, only offering $20,000 to the winner.  The campaign has the predictable upload your own, get your friends/family to vote for it, weekly prizes, YouTube channel etc.  To me it seems like a cookie-cutter approach to this kind of promotion and for a brand like Doritos thought there would be some more crazier twist to the whole thing.

Where are the weekly video theme challenges – i.e., Doritos at the Beach, Doritos are for Lovers, Doritos and dancing, etc?  How about a “film your Doritos ad at the beach” day to get some more consumers in on the action and get Sony to provide cameras to loan out for the day?  And a celebrity category connected t o some charity donation for every celebrity created one?

And most importantly, $20,000?  I know times are tough and that obviously Australia has 20M people versus 300M in the US, but can’t believe there is this much of a financial difference.  We all know how expensive ads can cost to produce so the prize money could be pumped up to say $50,000 (just sounds better and would get more people to make the effort) and Doritos still should have a cost savings.

Or maybe this needs a “big money” challenge – the kind that drove the excitement and participation for Doritos in the US (the chance to win $1M).   How about something like placing the winning ad in a new Facebook group and if the Facebook group attracts 500,000 fans (that’s big for Australia) then the creator of the video wins $250,000.  Now we are talking some big bucks to pump up the buzz!

In any case, these competitions do encourage people to think and dream creatively (so that’s a plus) and get people to bond with a brand (another plus), and some cash is better than none.  And for Doritos it provides some invaluable insight into the audience they are reaching out to, so another bonus.  So get out there, grab some Doritos and have some fun with this campaign – or do all the above and hold off and enter your ad in the US contest next year for some major big bucks.

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