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Here’s how it works:  Pick a Dell PC you’d like, join a swarm (with a guarantee the price will be lower than the price found at, watch as more people join the price of your PC goes down, when 15 people have joined (or 72 hours has been reached) the price is final and you’ve scored with swarm.  It looks like swarms can save $400 off an already discounted started point if the swarm reaches its limit.

Dell makes it easy to invite friends/family to join the swarm for a cheap price by providing a ton of social media examples to get the word out via Twitter, Facebook, Digg or good ol’ fashioned email.   And you can follow Dell Swarm on Twitter and be told when a swarm is about to happen so you can jump in for the fun and the savings.

Bulk buying is nothing new, sites like eSwarm and others have been grouping people together online for a few years now.  And I’ve heard stories from way back in the day when moms would  go into a story to buy all of the baby clothes in one shop for big deals because of the mass buying power.  What’s different about the Dell one is that it’s easy, intuitive and a bit of fun in the process.  You can imagine other companies are watching this Singapore test to see how well it works.  Think of companies that manufacturer mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, video games and more, all offering a similar digital experience and consumer savings.  Love it!

What can we learn from this campaign?  Easy one is the need to create a site that is easy to use, is packaged appropriately with good content and ensures the process is transparent to all.  I also give the effort big props on making it easy to share swarms with friends/family with a great pop-up box that puts it all in one place.  And of course the overall idea scores on the creative front, providing solid inspiration for others to follow in their swarm steps.

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