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I was reading over at my friends bannerblog today who highlighted a new program that recently started for Rexona (leading maker of a variety of personal care products including men and women deoderant) simply called the “Rexona Greatest Athlete Australia.”  The show has lined up some great guy athletes across a variety of sports and puts them in head-to-head challenges to see ultimately who is the best all-around athlete in Australia.

The show has great star power as some of athletes are extremely well-known and has a sort of Survivor meets The Real World meets Iron Man feeling to it.  The show airs for eight weeks on Channel Nine in Ausralia on Saturdays at 4:30 – for me not the best time to reach men or women in their twenty’s (who I am assuming are the target audience) who I would bet would be at the beach or somewhere as its Summer down under.  But the campaign has full episodes on a pretty solid website so if they have done solid work on the PR front as well as tapping into fans of each participant via social media they should get some good eyeballs to check out the show.  And I’m betting given the “hot” scale of the guys (like Billy Slater pictured with the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) will definitely have the girls at least hitting the record button if they are out that day (and the first few episides seem to have water themes so shirts are off – coincidence?).

In any case, if you are working with a company considering some new ways to spend their advertising dollars (given the decline of the effectiveness of traditional advertising – especially reaching a youth audience) this is a great example of the kinds of alternatives that are out there with the right smart thinking in place.

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Naked Girls and Guys Controversy Works For Calvin Klein Tue, 03 Feb 2009 07:58:31 +0000 Ryan Peal Sex sells – at least the theory goes.  And today thanks to my friend Katy there’s another example of campaigns hoping that theory is right.  Calvin Klein Jeans this week unveiled a sexed up video of naked guys and girls wearing CK Jeans and having some fun on a sofa of what looks like an old apartment in NYC with a grainy, hidden camera feeling to the whole thing.  I think there are two girls and one guy or made three girls and one guy or some combination, but the end result is hot, hot, hot.

The CK jeans are on full display throughout the video, so it does the initial job of showing off the product well – and with the sex-factor on high my bet is this video will make its way around the net fast.

So does this work?  I’d say yes.  For the CK brand it is just another example of the company’s history of using hot guys and girls to sell underwear, jeans, fragrances and more.  So they are extremely consistent on what the overall brand platform is and how to deliver it.  It all started way back when with Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein video (which I found right next to this one on YouTube).

Katy said she heard the commercial was banned on TV so another added bit of conversation that will only drive people to seek out the video even more.  For me I still think I like the hot girls playing soccer selling a Samsung TV better, but this is a very close runner-up.

This kind of approach isn’t for every brand.  But for the ones that can get away with it, something tells me they have a bit more fun every day at work than the rest of us.  Now sit back, take 30 seconds out of your day and have a look below at the video – no one is looking and if they are just say its for research.

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