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There are a few ways you can participate.  You can submit a dare for yourself and then email friends/family to sponsor you up to a specific amont, when you reach the goal its time to do the dare.  Or, you can suggest a dare for a friend (via email) and if they accep then they would ask people for money.  You can also sign-up for a team dare – in case you are too shy to do something on your own.

To try it out some of the guys here at H&K have agreed to a dare – a dare to race in high heels across multiple floors and obstacles around our new H&K offices, with a $100 donation to the Cancer Council if some of our colleagues sponsor us.  We may even throw a wig on just for fun and to ensure our video is hysterical (which of course guys falling down wearing high heels is already a good laugh maker).  You can go to the site and search under the “team” section to find “Hill & Knowlton” to sponsor us too.

The campaign has a YouTube channel set-up but doesn’t have any related videos just yet – some inspirational videos from the likes of Improv Everywhere but nothing else.  And the site does have a few potential dares to get your brain thinking in the right direction but not a lot of traction.  The official week to do your dares is March 2-6, so was hoping there’d be more activity on the site with it coming soon.

Assuming some things are in the plan to drive buzz and interest and participation, but just in case, while there is some time to put some ideas in action, had a think of ways to make this cool idea a success.  So, some things I’d add to the mix to make this one a winner:

  • Employee competition to get some activity on the site.  The site is all set-up and is well put together and all that, but there doesn’t seem to be any life to it.  If you browse around there seems to be only one person participating so far.  Getting employees involved would not only build some team bonding but provide some additional content to bring the site to life.  And would help populate some videos on the YouTube channel too.  You could also extend this to cancer council partners – reaching out to sponsors and friends to ensure they know of the campaign and b/c they are connected to the council, hopefully will be more inspired to participate early.
  • Celebrity participation.  Lots of celebrities have a favourite charity and some with any new projects (movies, TV shows, CDs) in the works would be looking for new ways to get some exposure.  Reaching out to celebrity managers and agents asking them if their clients would participate in a fun dare of their choosing with proceeds linked to their charity would add some more fun and buzz to the effort.
  • Radio partnership.  This seems like a great radio campaign, reaching out to some select DJs to get them involved, thinking of fun dares for their audience to do with the radio station providing some funds if their audience does it (like spelling out call letters of the station on the beach).
  • Approaching corporate sponsors for specific dares.  The site has the likes of Gillette, XBox, Aussie Bum and others but no specific dares connected to these brands.  Where is the “XBox will donate $5,000 and a new Xbox 360 to a player who sits in a mall and plays Halo for 24 hours”?  Or a dare sponsored by Lynx/Axe for someone to get a photo spraying a sportsstar with deoderant, with a $5,000 donation and a year supply of deoderant?”  These efforts would create a variety of conversation starters in multiple groups.
  • Facebook.  I couldn’t find anything on Facebook (and not that every campaign needs a FB connection) but would love a dare sponsored by a brand challenging someone to create a “Support Daredellion Campaign by getting 50,000 members to join this group”?  Would seem like with the right brand this could be fun.
  • Quick and easy initial dares.  I’d love some “street teams” hitting beaches and nightclubs and other spots where you can find some younger people out and about, and approach some groups hanging out together with some props to see who in their group would dare a crazy dare if their friends throw in some cash for the council.  I’d have a video crew in hand (because video is oh so needed for this idea to get some personality and excitement) and capture the fun.  Imagine going up to a group on the beach and ask them if they can round up $50 to make a donation for the council in exchange for one of their friends doing one of our pre-packaged dares with some fun props – throw on this cher wig and dance around the lifesavers; put this pink zinc sun block all over your body and lay on the boardwalk for 10 minutes; blow some bubbles and catch 20 of them in your mouth, etc.

Just some thoughts running around my head that I hope would help to make this campaign a hit, and raise lots of money in the process.  So, you out there, you are smart and creative (I’m assuming you are because you read my blog), what else would you recommend to help this campaign out?

PS – there are rules and legal things about the Daredellion challenge, so unfortunately you can’t dare someone to run naked, but it is funny to think about.

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