Creativity in Public Relations » imagination Creativity, marketing, great ideas, smart thinking, public relations, insights, inspirations, innovations and more. (Formerly known as Ryan's View) Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:52:54 +0000 en hourly 1 I’m For Life Streaming (+ I’m Moving) Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:52:54 +0000 Ryan Peal I’ve been reading a lot about life streaming and thought I’d jump right in – it was time for a change.  And a big change is happening with me already as in a few weeks I’m leaving my employer of more than 14 years – international public relations powerhouse, Hill & Knowlton – and moving to an international marketing powerhouse, Momentum.  At H&K I’ve worked all over the US – H&K Chicago, DC and LA offices – and for the past 3+ years have been at H&K Sydney, and for the past 1 ½ years serving as the company’s first (and hopefully not last) Asia-Pacific Creative Director – working across 9 offices with some of the best and the brightest in the business.  At H&K I have had the pleasure to work incredible colleagues and clients, and am lucky to have made lifelong friends that continue to rock my world.

But now, I’m heading to a new adventure, working with a company known for creating ideas that entertain and engage people in ways that span from physical to digital and everything in between.  It’s a company that embraces a “work is play; play is work” attitude, knowing creativity truly thrives and grows when people are simply having fun and working their brain power and imagination to the fullest.

So, with all that in mind, what better time to move to a whole new way to capture life’s moments of inspiration and fascination – the world of life streaming, and best brought to you by Posterous.   On my new Posterous Lifestreaming site ( that launched this week, I’ll continue the tradition of reviewing great campaigns and pondering how to make them better, hopefully encouraging everyone along the way to kick even bigger booty.  And I’ll be including a bunch of other stuff – cool things to check out, interesting interviews of some of the smartest marketers around and more – taking full advantage of this new medium. (Of course there are still brilliant people at H&K, find some new blogging inspiration at H&K’s blogging home here.)

I hope all of my readers from the past two years follow me to my new home.   Cross over children, come in to the light (nothing like a good Poltergeist movie quote to end an entry).

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Sydney Is On Fire Wed, 27 May 2009 01:11:09 +0000 Ryan Peal On fire with creativity that is.  Last night Sydney’s new multi-week, multi-event smorgasbord of creativity exploded on the city as part of “Vivid” – the largest lights, music and ideas festival in the Southern Hemisphere.  The festival is a playground of stimulation and inspiration for any creative mind, turning city monuments such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more into canvases for lights of all varieties to come to life.  Here are some of the highlights:

Luminous.  The ambient maniac superstar Brian Eno has been let loose on the city, with amazing light and art installations appearing in his wake.  Visuals that make your head spin and your brain in need of a scratch to fully take in the views all around you.

Fire Water.  This one I can’t wait for, it’s an artistic recreation of the 1814 story of a convict ship – The Three Bees – that exploded into flames right on the harbour.  The event promises “fire sculptures, floating lanterns, light installations” and some amazing visual feasts re-enacting the explosion.  Yes, this one you have to grab some popcorn and a front row seat by the harbour.

Smart Light Sydney.  Crazy light sculptures, projections and more advanced technology used in clever and unique ways will illuminate various parts of Sydney with works from all over the world coming down under.

Creative Sydney.  This is an extensive lecture series with lectures/events hosted by a mixed bag of people from various backgrounds and philosophies all doing their best to showcase the brilliance of the creative community in Sydney.  After hosting last year’s event I’m thrilled to just be an attendee of what will no doubt be an incredible series of conversations.

As Europe is celebrating an entire year of Creativity and Innovation it’s great that Sydney is also showing off the creative smarts of the city.  If only every city around the world would showcase the power of creativity, just think of the world we’d create.

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