Creativity in Public Relations » marketing Creativity, marketing, great ideas, smart thinking, public relations, insights, inspirations, innovations and more. (Formerly known as Ryan's View) Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:52:54 +0000 en hourly 1 Naked Media Stunt – Aer Lingus Style Wed, 18 Mar 2009 21:12:02 +0000 Ryan Peal I promise this isn’t going to be a theme this week (it will continue as a once-a-month theme, however) but today in London the tactic of “naked marketing” was on display in a promotion by Irish airline Aer Lingus.  The campaign was a simple one – anyone who came out today, stripped down to their undies, placed some shamrock cut-outs over their private parts and walked to the London Eye received 2 free tickets across Europe.

The event, as with most well-done naked marketing activities, has generated lots of media coverage and some solid online buzz.  The company was hoping to have 1,000 people to come out for the St. Patricks Day event/photo op but most accounts think a few hundred decided to give it a go.  I of course would have been there wearing a shamrock and picking up some free tickets – no worries at all.

So, does this work?  If Aer Lingus wanted to raise awareness of the new routes they were announcing it seems to have worked.  Most news coverage has referenced that the near naked stunt was related to the company announcing 8 new routes from Gatwick – so mission accomplished.  The brand is also a “challenger brand” – so they are comfortable stirring up some controversy and having fun with their fans who love the airline for its cheap prices – so check that box too.

At this point it seems most airlines, especially in Europe, are happy for every passenger they can get, so Aer Lingus did what they had to do in order to stir up some media coverage to remind people of their new routes and cheap rates.  Simply announcing new routes wouldn’t have made it out of the airline trade outlets as most media would say “buy an ad” to let people know about it.  By using some naked marketing the company probably saved money from a traditional ad campaign, showed off the company’s personality and entertained tourists in London who definitely can’t think the UK is stuffy now.  Go Irish!

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Dolly Parton Rocks Out Cracker Barrel Mon, 09 Mar 2009 23:18:02 +0000 Ryan Peal I’ll gladly admit it – i love Dolly Parton.  Always have, always will.  From 9 to 5 and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas to Steel Magnolias and even Rhinestone Cowboy she can do no wrong.  So I was thrilled to hear she has some new music coming out, and provides us with a great example of smart brand connecting.  Dolly is obviously true country magic and her songs are loved by people who love country music and most likely, good ol’ down home cookin.  So when it came time to spread the word about her new album (with some old songs and some new songs) Dolly knew exactly where to look – Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel has entered the exclusive music distribution world, and on March 23 will be the only place to buy Dolly’s new album – Backwoods Barbie, Collectors Edition – with three new songs with a Cracker Barrel twist like Hallelujah Holiday and Berry Pie. (Similar to Prince being offered exclusively at Target and Dave Matthew at Starbucks.)  Cracker Barrel has nearly 600 stores across the US, known for its good country home cookin and almost equally known for the restaurants’ front porch rocking chairs – a great place to wait for your table and your great food.  On the first day of the new album being available each Cracker Barrel will have 2, Dolly Parton pink rocking chairs for sale – with Dolly’s signature – all limited for those avid Dolly collector fans.

This is a great example of a brand (that would be Dolly) that has a clear definition of its brand and its fans and where the two meet.  Sometimes brand partnerships can feel forced or just simply akward and don’t do anything for the two brands.  Luckily Dolly has the smarts to know where her brand naturally fits and can entertain and engage with her fans in new and different places.

And a mini plug for Dolly, 9 to 5 The Musical is coming to Broadway starting in April, if you are in NYC I’d of course highly recommend it.

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High School Kids Develop Program For Scion For Big Bucks Tue, 13 Jan 2009 12:04:00 +0000 Ryan Peal I recently heard from a friend (and later read over at my friends at MediaPost) that Scion recently launched a high school program where studetns from 8 cities are challenged with developing a marketing program for a new Scion and have the chance to win $5,000 of school suplies.  I’m a huge fan of campaigns that engage the desired audience to help in developing programs that they believe their peers will enjoy and interact with.  Scion has been a strong user of word-of-mouth and buzz campaigns grounded in authentic youth culture and substance, and this is yet another proof point that the company “gets it.”  The campaign is following a “bracket style” competition with players put against others and making it further into the rounds.  It looks like the company intentionally selected smaller cities, probably to showcase the power of local marketing programs (versus big national spends that are really expensive).

This is an easy campaign to replicate for many industries.  Trying to market a new mobile phone to teen girls, get teen girls to help you develop a program.  What about a new shoe, how about hitting up high school basketball teams in exchange for new uniforms and gear.  I believe consumers have come to obviously know that brands are trying to sell them stuff, that’s part of life.  So if the campaigns are going to be in their face, why not make sure they are entertained by them or engaged or excited by them – it’s the least we can do.  Keep this tactic in mind for your next campaign – engage others to ensure you hit the next one out of the park.

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Trend Mania: What’s Hot or Not in 2009 in Life, Music, Blogs, Travel, Fashion and More Mon, 05 Jan 2009 11:18:00 +0000 Ryan Peal Anyone in the marketing/communications industry loves this time of year – a time when everyone has a prediction on what could be the hottest trends, inspirations for the year ahead. Trends especially are fun for anyone in the creative world – they help provide new stimuli for our thinking.  To “be creative”
you have to ground your ideas in appropriate insight and combine that
with relevance which can be found in the form of trends.

In any
case, back to the point at hand: trends.  One of the greatest things
about a new year comes in the form of predictions on what’s hot and
what’s not and what new trend is on the horizon and what is going to be
a surprise hit, etc.  For all of you who love this part of our world,
please read on, lots of easy ways to get your fill of trends for 2009.
WOOHOO!  (a word I predict will continue to be a crowd pleaser!)

  1. The gang at TrendWatching always has their share of trend predictions, and doesn’t dissapoint with some brain-scratching thoughts for 2009
  2. Get your fill of the latest fashion trends from the “image staff” at the Los Angeles Times who notes upcoming Golden Globes and Oscar red carpet outfits will be “bailout attire”
  3. If only someone had told me to be a travel writer when I was younger, maybe I’d be helping Travel & Leisure put together an amazing visual slideshow of travel trends for 2009
  4. Some solid tech trends from eWeek including the prediction that “cloud computing” will be a big hit this year and from PC Magazine who thinks the new unemployed will fuel a jump in small business growth (who need more PCs)
  5. Start your stomach growling with food trends from Gourmet Magazine
  6. Get on the green bandwagon with eco-trend predictions from Jetson Green
  7. The guys at Inhabitat rounded up predictions in the design/architecture/sustainability world from some amazing brains each with unique perspectives to check out
  8. Get your game freak on and watch Wired’s videogaming industry predictions (you don’t have to tell anyone you are a big gamer in hiding)
  9. Knowing you are what you eat, the folks at Convienence Store News have packaged up their predictions in the packaged goods world, including the debut of “relaxation” drinks (versus energy drinks)
  10. Watch Jane Buckingham of Intelligence Group on ABC News talking about her thoughts for 2009 (Hint, it’s all about orange)
  11. And just like my 2008 trend list, don’t miss the 2009 trends for hairstyles – all the ladies should love that the big “just get out of bed” hair look is back again.

That’s enough to slowly ease your brain back from the holiday break and into the work world again.  Of course feel free to provide links to other trends you’ve come across so far this year.

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